Another positive factor between Pisces and Sag is their mutual fascination with what is not very definitely called 'religion.'  A strikingly large percentage of nuns, priests, rabbis, monks, and ministers are Sagittarius or Pisces Sun Signs.  A Fish is drawn into the mystical waters because of Neptune's influence of humility and sacrifice - the Archer because Sagittarians are consumed by curiosity concerning spiritual truth, with results ranging all the way from agnosticism or stark atheism to meditative seclusion in a convent or monastery.  Still, those Fish and Archers involved in a religious lifestyle (or atheism) never lose their sense of humour. 

We may need a case in point, so I'll share with you a story of one Archer's final, whimsical resolution of the religious-moral issues that plague Sagittarians and Pisceans alike.  It's the ultimate example - the perfect illustration of Sagittarian humour, honesty, and idealism - and 100 percent true.  I wouldn't dare relate anything but a true example in a chapter dealing with the brutally frank Sagittarians, who class Truth as the highest of all virtues - which it likely is, next to Forgiveness - and who are always quoting to you (like Scorpios) their favourite phrase from the Bible:  "Great is truth, and mighty above all things." 

Pisces has nothing against truth either, but the Fish do like to squeeze it, stretch it, shrink it, throw a few garlands of pussy willows around its neck, dress it up a little, because the unvarnished truth is so stodgy, you know?  But we'll get to the Neptune Truth Trip later on.  Let's move along to our example of the shining idealism, truth, and whimsical humour of Sagittarius.  The sex of the Archer is incidental to the character of Jupiter.  In this story, the Sagittarian is a man, but our hero might just as well have been a girl Centaur. 

To prove to the Fish and Archers that this incident is true, the Sagittarian man's name is Dan Williams - and the source of the incident is his daughter, whose name is Mary Ann Williams Henson, currently residing on the West Coast.  That's not specific enough proof for you inquisitive Archers and skeptical Fish?  All right then, you may write (to verify or to congratulate) Mary Ann Henson at 861 Sixth Avenue, Suite 219, San Diego, California, 92101.  Although May Ann's Jupiter-ruled father passed away more than twenty years ago in her hometown of Elizabeth, North Carolina (it's interesting to note that North Carolina is a Sagittarian Sun Sign state), she still remembers his sunny personality with affection - and his fiery idealism with pride.  Now you too will always remember Dan Williams with fond affection, I trust, whatever your Sun Sign, but especially if you're a Pisces, whose heart is filled with Neptune's sympathy for the weary and downtrodden (and who also enjoys, like the Archer, seeing snobbish, stuffy people deservedly stifled).  For you, dear Fish, and for all of us, Dan Williams struck a ringing blow for Truth which should be emblazoned on a marble monument somewhere, but for the moment, will at least be resurrected in these pages. 

All through his life, Sagittarian Dan aimed his arrows of Jupiter Truth straight to the mark (admittedly, sometimes painfully), but his finest bull's eye arrow was shot forth toward the blue skies of freedom on the unlikely occasion of his death, for Dan's last will and testament contained a most unusual clause.  At that time, it was the accepted, woeful wont of the Christ Episcopal Church fathers, in Elizabeth, North Carolina, to conduct their Sunday services with the town's socially prominent and politically powered
white parishioners seated in the downstairs pews - and the black parishioners safely tucked away out of sight in the balcony pews. 

But Dan's will stated, quite candidly and bluntly, that those who destined to pay their last respects to him upon the occasion of his death would have to obey his wishes.  (Dan himself was a white man, although this is also incidental.)  The directive clause in his will was as follows:  Everyone attending his funeral services at the Christ Episcopal Church, where he would be formally receiving the bereaved from his casket - silently, but oh! So eloquently - would be required to observe a new seating arrangement on that day.  His
black friends (who made up nearly

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