mite harmful to their harmony.  Likewise, Libra can create no small amount of tension in the association by promising Sag to go somewhere or do something, then hedging for hours - or days - weighing the pros and cons of the thing.  Finally, Libra says, "Yes," followed by - "But on the other hand, it might be better not to, because…"  Or, finally Libra says, "No," followed by - "But on the other hand, it might be better to go ahead, because…" by which time the Archer has already tuned out and made his or her plans with someone else.  It was attending a performance of Man of La Mancha that they were discussing, the musical about Don Quixote's impossible dreams and his eternal tilting at windmills.  Libra should have gone.  He - or she - would have left the theatre with a more comprehensive understanding of the Sagittarian motives and goals. 

But don't worry.  It will pass.  They'll make up, these two, because theirs is a sextile vibration, and in astrology, sextile means opportunity.  Libra and Sag will never run short of opportunities for happiness together.  If only Sag will learn to count to ten before speaking, and if only Libra will stop deliberating every decision, they can be both cozily and creatively compatible. 

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