about religion, as they have a thing about philosophy (nearly synonymous).  At one time or another, nearly every Sag will either briefly or permanently contemplate nunhood, priesthood or monkhood.  A goodly share of them make the spiritual life a vocation.  The one's who don't will spend considerable time arguing with Librans over religion, in debates that range all the way from atheism to Zen - with every shade of Hare Krishna, Mormon, Protestant and Catholic dogma in between. 

With few exceptions, despite their good-humoured and interesting debates, arguments and discussions, Libra and Sag get long beautifully.  Just imagine how the world might have benefited from a teaming up of the combined humanitarianism, friendly candor and energies of Libran Eleanor Roosevelt and Sag Betty Ford - or of Libran actor Charlton Heston (as Moses, Ben-Hur, or just as himself) and wise, jolly, compassionate, outspoken and beloved Sagittarian, Pope John XXIII.  The Great Justice of a spiritually evolved Libran and the Great Idealism and Honesty of an aware Sagittarian is a combination that can create crescendos of miracles. 

Since we no longer have with us Librans Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi, or Archers Winston Churchill and Mark Twain, we might image (and pray for) Libran actress Brigitte Bardot, and Sag entertainer Frank Sinatra to go together to Libran Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and persuade him to halt the cruel, bloody butchering and skinning alive of the baby seals every spring, causing their terrified mothers, to give birth in the icy waters, in a futile attempt to protect their babies from being brutally clubbed and murdered in such agony - only to have them drown, threatening their complete extinction in the alarmingly near future.  Bardot has been actively involved in this pursuit of a very holy grail for the longest time, nearly alone among her fellow film stars.  She and Sinatra might even convince Libran President Carter to think of a fair way for the United States to offer to substitute some sort of economic benefit to Trudeau to replace the baby seal disgrace, seems the financial aspect seems to be the main Canadian concern.  Or maybe a group of Archers and Librans could follow the example of actress Terry-Anne Moore, and make a plea on television to all women who wear sealskin coats, asking them if they realize how sternly their vanity will punish them in their next incarnations.  It will be a heavy karmic retribution, from which there is no escape - although it can be negated by a reversal of behaviour, and perhaps a generous donation to the Green Peace environmental group in San Francisco. 

"Let the punishment fit the crime, and be meted out accordingly," intones Libra the judge.  "You are all murderers, stained with innocent blood," accuses Sagittarius, Archer of the Truth-that-hurts-but-heals. 

Even when they have no Great Cause to pursue, Libra and Sag walk the same path, spreading light in the darkness as best they can, guided by their ruling planets, Venus and Jupiter.  Expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sag, takes all the beauty, balance, gentleness and harmony of Venus, the ruler of Libra, and increases it a thousandfold.  Sagittarius helps Libra keep those Scales of Justice hanging level - and Libra helps the Archer aim his or her Bow of Truth with a steady hand.  These two very naturally need each other, and we all need them. 

Neither Libra nor Sag will ever bore each other.  The Archer is highly intelligent, as inquisitive as a bird dog, alert, bright and anxious to seek all the answers Libra has to offer - which are never less than carefully thought out, and nearly always wise.  One of the rare times these two will not get on so well is when one of them has the Moon or Ascendant in an Earth Sign, and throws wet blankets or mounds of earthy stuffiness on the other's need to socialize, because they both love parties, and are, by nature, people-mixers.  The Libra half of the team, who has a tendency to lean a little heavily on sweets, must be careful not to gain any extra pounds around his or her Archer friend, who may hand Libra a copy of Bill Dufty's
Sugar Blues and remark, with cheerful casualness, "You're getting a potbelly, you know.  The reason you're so fat is because white sugar is a drug, and you're an addict, and you don't even realize it, because you've become a victim of the sugar pushers."  This could be a

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