The Fixity of both signs doesn't help matters.  Fixity is another word for stubbornness, a little milder in meaning perhaps, nevertheless making it difficult to swerve or sway either Leo or Scorpio from a set position or opinion.  Try it, when you have lots of time to spare.  You'll soon understand what astrology means by a Fixed Sign.  (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius are the Fixed Signs.) 

Scorpio may remain quiet during a Leonine monologue, but don't be fooled.  No Scorp is going to accept opinions from a Leo without being totally convinced of their validity.  The Scorpio will either object outright with a blunt refusal to accept the Leonine views being arrogantly pressed upon him - or her - or find a way to avoid the whole issue.  Sneaky.  That's the word for it.  At least that's the word Leo would choose to describe the way Scorpio slides, crawls and slithers away from obeying his or her Majesty's commands.  There's nothing sneaky about Leo; even Scorpio will admit that.  What these Kings and Queens desire and demand is made clear to all the peasants.  No.  Leos are not sneaky - just a little bossy.  And spoiled.  And accustomed to getting their own way since they were cubs.  Yet they're so warm and sunny, so generous and friendly, despite those commanding airs, that even the normally perceptive Scorpion may not immediately sense the danger of dehydration - or worse.  Likewise, Scorps are so gifted with the subtle talent of appearing to give in without actually giving an inch that it may be a while until Leo recognizes the situation as another Waterloo. 

When a Leo is injured, he or she will either pout or roar.  The latter behaviour will disturb Scorpio's sensitive psyche the first few times, causing an apparent retreat - but if either the pouting or roaring is repeated with unnecessary frequency, eventually all Leo will get for such dramatics from the Scorp is that frustrating, long, hard, cold Pluto stare.  Being stared down by a Scorpion is about as pleasant as making mudpies in a sandbox full of black widow spiders.  It does absolutely nothing for the Leonine sense of self-importance. 

If these two play down the personal element, and keep their mutual endeavours centred on abstract goals outside themselves, they can operate as a smooth unit, a formidable threat to outsiders who try to conquer them by smothering Leo's fire or making waves in Scorpio's water. 

But if Leo's impulsive ideals and generous spirit are watered down so often that those splendid Leonine dreams are dampened to the point of crumbling, the Scorpio will be banished from the Kingdom - or the Leo will leave himself (or herself) and move to another castle where one can expect to receive the proper respect for royalty.  It will also behoove Leo to curb that bossy attitude with Scorpio.  From no other Sun Sign will the Lion or Lioness receive such
depth of loyalty and devotion.  It must be earned.  Still, it's worth swallowing a few lumps of pride in order to be worshiped with the kind of intensity only Pluto can give. 

She may be weary - women do get weary
Wearing the same shabby dress;
When she is weary, try a little tenderness. 

She may be waiting, just anticipating
Things she may never possess;
While she is waiting, try a little tenderness.

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