even touching.  There is something hauntingly, paternal or maternal in the attitude of the older Leo or Scorpio to the younger Scorpio or Leo.  It's a joy to behold, delightful to experience.  Perhaps this is because the younger Leo has not yet had time to acquire such fierce pride, therefore will not resent an older Scorpio's intense protective gestures.  And it may be that the younger Eagles have not yet developed the full Pluto retaliatory nature, therefore can accept the Leo's dramatics more good-naturedly.  The older these two become, however, the more effort they'll have to exert to achieve harmony.  I know a young Scorpio boy who formed a deep attachment for an older Leo man.  The latter was like a big brother to the youngster, whose own Aquarian big brother was, at the time, weathering the storms of adolescence, and therefore behaving with detachment toward him. 

When a Scorpio finds something or someone worthy of respect, no one can be more respectful than a young Eagle, and Mike, the Scorpio boy, found much to respect in his older Leo companion.  Bob, the Lion, patiently and lovingly taught the boy how to catch a lizard with a string, then let it go free near a fish pond, how to fly a kite and make it soar among the clouds like… well… like an eagle!  He told him Hobbit stories, complete with sound effects, and answered his questions, about how the handle of car doors work, and even sternly advised the boy's mother that the youngster was not a slave just because he was younger in years than she, that he deserved to be treated with respect, and to be asked - not be rudely ordered - to run errands for her.  All this slowly but surely embedded itself into the Pluto subconscious.  Then came the day when they were standing together on a rock at the edge of the ocean on Pismo Beach, California, and a huge wave appeared suddenly, completely engulfing them.  If the Lion had not held tightly to the boy, he would have been washed away out to sea, and he child couldn't swim.  That sealed the relationship.  The boy firmly believed his Leo friend had saved his life, and he was ready to worship him forever after.  (Leos can stand a lot of that!) 

Later, the ion, through no fault of his own, had to go away.  His absence dragged on for nearly seven years.  The Scorpio boy was leaving his childhood behind with each passing year - yet, not once, in all that time, did he waver in his intense loyalty by the far-away Lion.  Although there had been no communication of any kind between them, he would listen to no negative word against his friend.  He knew he had good reason to go away, just as he knew he would return.  And one day… he did.  Scorpio is seldom wrong in judging character. 

I also know a small Scorpio girl, in Falls Village, Connecticut, who feels the same way about her real-life, blood-brother Lion, and showers him with absolute adoration.  The Big Cat loves it, of course, and the devotion is mutual.  It's the same thing when Leo is the youngster, Scorpio the older one.  Both Sun Signs instinctively protect the weaker.  Between the Sun-ruled and the Pluto-ruled, it's an 'all or nothing-at-all' friendship.  Neither the Eagle nor the Lion or Lioness can handle caring casually.  They will be passionately attached - or ignore one another.  No middle ground for these two, whatever the association. 

In the less fortunate Leo-Scorpio combinations, the initial attraction may last more briefly than both believed it would when it began.  It won't take long for disenchantment to set in if one of them has an incompatible Moon Sign, for Scorpio's attitude of 'I'm always right,' even though unspoken, will first frustrate, then annoy Leo.  Superiority needn't be verbalized by Scorp.  A long, hard stare of cool confidence can project the message quite clearly.  The Leonine resentment then may seem unjust, since Leo is an easily recognized expert in the conviction of his or her privilege of infallibility - of being always right, while everyone else is always wrong.  (Yet, somehow, the Lion or Lioness is never quite as
certain of this as a Scorpion.)  The smug 'I'm superior' attitudes of these two are so similar, you'd think they'd be more tolerant of one another's egos, but it doesn't always work that way.  In a human relationship, there's room for only one person to be always right the way Leo and Scorpio are always right (they think). 

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