superior to those with whom they condescend to mingle.  They're intelligent, often handsome or beautiful, as they confidently toss their luxurious manes of hair, graceful in walk and bearing, romantically irresistible, kind and generous, wise and protective, courageous and noble, loyal and lovable.  But they can make you feel like giving them an affectionate kick in the seat of their royal pants now and then when they're pulling off one of their dignified, arrogant 'The King (or Queen can do no wrong' routines.  Try to get a Leo to acknowledge a mistake.  Go ahead, try - and lots of luck.  Acknowledging mistakes requires humility, a virtue Leos are a little short on, to put it mildly. 

The reason these two manage to get along so well together surprisingly often is really quite simple.  Royalty always feels more relaxed in the company of a peer than with an inferior (other Sun Signs).  They understand how it is with another Lion or Lioness.  They know how to feed each other the daily minimum requirement of compliments garnished with sincerity, disdaining the use of phony flattery as of no more value than costume jewelry, compared with the rare, precious gems of true appreciation.  When they can afford it, they'll give one another diamonds, never tawdry rhinestones - hardcover first editions, never cheap, unaesthetic paperback books, just as one Leo will never insult another with plastic imitation of flattery as a substitute for genuine respect.  Their mutual loyalty and devotion will be deep and intense, for their fiery natures were designed to meet one another's challenge and demand for worthiness.  Like all true monarchs, when they must deal with those of equal nobility, two Leos normally display an inbred, instinctive grasp of the delicacy of personal protocol, sensing with unerring judgment just how far one can safely go, without crossing the line into a breach of royal etiquette.  Two Leos who lose control during a rash moment, and accidentally step over this invisible line with each other, will nearly always try to find a third-party scapegoat on whom to pin the blame.  It's not a good idea to hang around the castle while a couple of Leos are declaring war on each other.  After they've called a truce, they're likely to toss all innocent bystanders into the dungeon for inciting the revolution - and you, can be certain that being frozen by ice Leonine disapproval constitutes a painful emotional imprisonment.  It's never the Kings and Queens who start wars, didn't you know that?  It's those misguided, rabble-rousing subjects who make all the trouble (like friends, neighbours, or relatives). 

Naturally, in the inevitable struggle for supremacy, there will be frequent (sometimes deep) scars of wounded pride, mutually inflicted.  They'll occasionally roar at one another in anger, and have difficulty dividing the rulership of whatever fiefdom they control into equal parts.  But the brilliant, warm and forgiving benevolence of the ruling Sun shines through every Leo word and deed, causing in each a desire to at least pretend possession of sufficient nobility of character to be generous in victory, undaunted in defeat.  Assuming their Moon Signs are not severely incompatible, these two proud people can usually harmonize their differences, however many sharp thorns they inject into each other's paws - for Leo rules the heart, where the Kingdom of Happiness may always be found. 

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