for him to eat as often as she could.  Since cats are, by nature, comfort-loving creatures, an affectionate attachment to the prisoner was clearly her only motivation, Sir Henry's cell being anything but a warm, cozy, inviting hearth.  All Leos have within them the potential of such loyalty and nobility in human relationships. 

Time and time again, cats have been known to risk great danger and endure extreme hardship by journeying hundreds, even thousands of miles to be reunited with loved ones from whom they were somehow separated - and the human Leonine Big Cats are capable of the same magnitude of sacrifice and persistence in reuniting with the one once loved, however seemingly insurmountable the obstacles between them may be.  Despite a certain annoying air of smugness and aloof independence, the cat is a strange and marvelous creature - both kinds.  If you don't believe me, just ask one!  Leo is seldom hampered by modesty or self-effacement. 

True, Leo Lions and Lionesses have other qualities not so admirable.  As strong and courageous as they may be in times of trouble, they can also be insufferably arrogant and frequently blinded by false pride.  Their warm natures and sunny dispositions are subject to change without notice into the sort of frozen dignity royalty assumes when a peasant dares to step out of line and criticize the King - or Queen.  A Lion or Lioness will roar an angry warning to anyone who threatens to infringe upon royalty's right to be respected and obeyed. 

When these two link their lives, they'll usually fight, pout, shout, and make up more often than any of the other 1-1 Sun Sign Patterns (except Aries).  It's a constant inward or outward battle for supremacy.  They're cozily content to purringly pal around together, they understand each other's swollen vanities, false pride, and need to be admired.  But they can't help occasionally campaigning for the votes of the lesser animals.  Alone on stage together, most of the time, they'll consent to be equals, cementing their relationship with mutual respect.  It's when a third (or fourth or fifth) person enters the scene that the fight for dominion and attention begins before a potential audience, which must eventually, after all, recognize just
one of the Leos as a star, the other as only understudy or supporting player.  This is as true of the Shy Pussycat Leos as the more dramatic. Extroverted Lions and Lionesses, the only difference being that the former emote with fewer crashes of cymbals than the latter.  All Leos must be worshiped, looked up to in some degree, and one Cat cannot truly worship another without relinquishing the scepter of power.  Their destinies are not to bow down, but to be bowed down to - and yes, Leo, I know a preposition is a poor thing to end a sentence 'with' - but that's how it is. 

Between themselves, as before an enthralled audience of outsiders, two Leos do everything in the grand manner.  Should a Leo politician choose to run for governor of a state, it will usually be one of the bigger states.  Leos give larger and more extravagant gifts, normally choose to drive larger cars, prefer to dine in the better restaurants, dream bigger dreams, and definitely possess more sizeable egos than we commoners.  When you see a Leo driving a VW bug, you may safely assume that this particular Lion has managed to keep his power-trip and superiority complex under control.  However, it's still sleeping within, latent.  Go ahead, make fun of his Bug and watch those tilted-at-the-corners cat eyes narrow in warning. 

Shy Pussycat Leo Sydney Omarr, an indisputably competent, widely respected astrologer, wrote what I sincerely consider to be the very best guide for beginners seeking to learn how to
cast a horoscope - the only book I ever recommend for this particular purpose, because of its combination of clarity and accuracy - the one every fledgling astrologer will treasure, after despairing of ever comprehending the mumbo jumbo in most others.  I can honestly say that no other book teaches this art and science as well to the initiate, stressing what most beginning textbooks ignore - the urgent importance of the correct placement of the Sun in the chart, not only a must for accuracy, but the first step in the technique of birth-time rectification, without which, astrology cannot be totally

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