Twins at any Grand Prizes, Virgo sometimes manages to grab the plum job without even hinting for it, let alone racing for it.  Often times these Virgo Sun Signs, Ascendants or Moon Signs are chosen as the compromise candidate by party leaders in smoke-filled political backrooms on a city, state or national level, considerably upsetting the more extroverted Sun Signs, who have been blissfully charming the voters out front, confident of victory, until Virgo comes up from the rear - the dark horse chosen suddenly and unexpectedly over the brighter ponies on he track.  As an example, Lyndon Johnson was a Virgo chosen by a clever and canny Gemini, John F. Kennedy, for calculated reasons. 

In any dispute between Gemini and Virgo, Gemini will nearly always win the main point, being faster on the draw and quicker with the clinching retort.  But winning a quarrel can't settle everything.  It may not settle
anything for Virgos, who know that what appears to be an absolutely factual statement can still be full of errors and misleading insinuations.  The greatest talent of all Gemini Twins is the fascinating ability to twist truth and falsehood in such a way as to weave them together and make each appear to be the other.  It fools almost everyone but a Virgo.  A Gemini Volkswagen salesman who ticks off too many facts too fast can really 'bug' a potential Virgo customer right off the lot.  You won't find many Virgos playing speed ball at carnivals or riding the Ferris wheels and carousels on which Geminis love to spin in their circular direction.  They don't go much for Mercurial cotton candy either.  All sugar and air - no nutritional value whatsoever. 

There is an appealing magical quality in Gemini that attracts and excites the more timid Virgins, and this could create enough mystery to make the relationship permanently intriguing.  The trouble is, Virgos are never satisfied until they discover exactly how the magic trick is performed, and the whole point of Gemini's existence is to prove something by nothing - to make reality out of pure illusion. 

To the practical-mined Virgo, reality can never be illusion, not can illusion ever be called reality.  That's just more Gemini double-talk.  Mercury Birds have usually flown and flitted through a dozen occupations by the time they're thirty, while Virgos are often disturbed when they're expected to make a slight change in office routine.  As for changing jobs, that's something Virgos normally do with as much serious deliberation as is required for the selection fo the President of the United States, in fact, with much more serious deliberation than has been the case with the latter in recent years. 

Despite their differences and the tensions engendered by the soul-testing tugs of their squared natal Suns through the difficult 4-10 vibration, Gemini and Virgo share a lovely curiosity, an uncommon intelligence, and a certain charming and graceful manner, which allows them to skip happily, side-by side, through the cornfields of the changeable Land of Oz for a few thousand miles.  But if they expect to still be together when they reach the presence of the Great Wizard (who is, of course, a Gemini), they may have to adjust and compromise now and then. 

Gemini magicians, who are fascinated by all forms of marvels, should remember that the Tin Woodsman who strolled along the path with Dorothy and her friends was a Virgo - a kind and gentle, yet lonely soul, wistfully searching for a human heart.  And it was the clever Gemini Wizard who perceived that the Virgo had possessed a heart all the time, without realizing it, hidden inside a suit of cold metal, yet larger than any of the others. 
That's magic! 

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