hidden influence of Virgo's true ruler, the as yet unsighted, thunderous Vulcan).  Geminis quickly juggle thoughts and create ideas, often it seems right out of the air, which is their natural element, but Virgo seldom juggles or creates.  The Virgins are too busy discriminating and distinguishing and sorting facts from fancies, frequently with what may appear to be quite unnecessary preciseness.  Explorer-experimenter Gemini seeks the spirit of the law.  Purist-statistician Virgo follows the letter of the law. 

Most Virgos find it difficult to grasp the concept of a dollar, because it contains such a fascinating number of pennies.  They get sidetracked counting all the coins, believing that if you keep track of the bright coppers, the folding green paper will pile up all by itself, with no help.  Gemini thinks in larger sweeps, grander terms, and normally tosses any spare pennies into wishing wells, without counting them.  Throw a perfectly good penny into murky water for some silly superstition?  There goes that faint Virgo frown again - see it?  Just beginning to crease in the forehead over those clear, beautiful eyes. 

Now that you understand some of the obvious differences between these two Sun Signs, you can imagine the turmoil which must churn in the breast of a Virgo with a Gemini Ascendant or Moon - or a Gemini, with vice versa and likewise.  To face such a methodology variance with a strange companion is abrasive enough, without having to face it in the mirror every morning, lurking within your own character and personality.  Send them lots of sympathy cards.  Some, as mentioned elsewhere, become human alarm clocks - others sit on a seesaw of indecision, ill at ease when they are talking and twice as uncomfortable when they are silent. 

The Gemini-Virgo association is influenced by the 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, so the relationship between them will never be based on pure frivolity and escapism.  Seriousness and respect (or lack of it) will weave in and out of the connecting links between these two, each finding it difficult to fully comprehend the true goals and basic outlook of the other.  This must not be taken to mean that they can't create harmonious warmth together.  It's just that happy firesides and hearths need lots of stoking with the coals of mutual understanding and tolerance.  Peace and compatibility can eventually be accomplished with a little effort, however, because there's often a subtle exchange of loyalty and affection hidden beneath the surface disagreements of these two. 

It must be admitted that the average Virgo man or woman does not practise provoking trouble, and does not usually respond to it quickly either, unlike the Geminis, with their constant stirring up of a tempest from a single breath of choppy air, ad frequently reacting in hurricane fashion to what seems to them to be constant, critical carping and harping from Virgo.  Of course, to Gemini, a quarrel is not really a quarrel, merely an intellectual encounter.  With Earth Sign Virgo, arguments go deeper, and the hurt lasts longer.  The friendship and other relationships between them can be enduring, in rare cases even intimate, but a community of interests on the business or intellectual level - or in the family or duty-obligation sphere, as with all 4-10 influenced people - is normally what pulls them together in the first place. 

Most Virgos seem to be humble and self-effacing, seldom displaying any excessive dignity or pride, yet it would behoove Gemini to build his or her sharp tongue at crucial moments, since Virgos are usually quite sensitive about what little dignity and pride they do possess.  The more aggressive signs can't understand the Virgin at all, but the Gemini who finds Aries too exhausting, Leo too arrogant, and Scorpio too aloof may very well find the usually sweet and courteous Virgo relaxing to be around, and feel a sense of relief at the lack of need to compete that might be necessary with another Sun Sign. 

There's a touching and attractive humility about Virgos, a personal modesty that excites little envy or resentment.  But Mercury Birds can still get their feathers a bit ruffled when they learn that, although Virgo may never be able to run as swiftly as Gemini and may seldom beat the

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