Ask Gemini to sit on a particular couch, and he or she will probe your psychological and emotional purposes for choosing that couch, whereas Scorpio will be positive there's a bomb wired beneath it, rigged by computer to explode.  There's a slight difference in their attitudes, but the end result is much the same.  It's impossible to keep a secret from either Sun Sign, or to retain one's personal privacy around them.  When it is Gemini and Scorpio who are suspecting, analyzing and probing each other, rather than one of the remaining ten Sun Signs, it's like watching a couple of pretzels caught in a Chinese chain-lock puzzle.  They each create their own individual auras of mystery, and they both like to solve mysteries.  But Gemini's mysterious aura is carefree and variable, consisting of unpredictable switches of pastel colours, light and shadow, and rapid changes of thought - while Scorpio's auric ethers of burgundy-shaded mystery are much more complex, with an emphasis on the shadows, lying in far deeper and unfathomable wells, sometimes with a touch of the sinister when influenced by the negative side of Pluto. 

Slowness in others is a constant source of irritation to the bright, alert, impatient Twins, the most typical of whom are periodically high-strung and nervous.  Scorpios are also periodically high-strung and nervous, but heaven forbid should anyone catch them showing it!  The more apprehensive Scorpio is feeling within, the more sure, confident and secure he (or she)
appears to be outwardly.  Since every inwardly experienced feeling and emotion flits across Gemini's features, lighting up his (or her) expressive, fast darting eyes, you should have no trouble deciding where to place your bets to win in a poker game.  When the poker game is a relationship of any kind with each other, the stakes can be desperately high for Scorpio, yet it's still only a game to Gemini, whatever the size of the kitty or the pot.  If one game is lost, figures the Mercury Bird, there's always another, just down the road.  Scorpio does not take losing so lightly.  In fact, the Eagles take losing very, very heavily.  Losing, to Scorp, is a humiliating experience, degrading, perhaps even cause for inner panic.  (Scorp never displays outer panic.)  Gemini tosses life's dice with a fine, detached and careless abandon - Scorpio, with cool shrewdness, and then only after carefully calculating the odds.  Life's dice, that is.  In an actual dice game, Gemini calculates rather coolly and precisely himself - or herself.  The fast Mercury mind figures the house percentages in a flash. 

Let's see if you can straighten out these pretzels of intrigue.  They just walked into the room.  One of them has glided in noiselessly, almost unnoticed, and stands quietly, while gazing steadily into your eyes.  You ask a question, this one remains silent, not answering immediately.  The other has skipped, hopped, or flown into the room, perhaps strumming a guitar, tossing a tennis racquet in the air, and dangling the end of a sentence.  You ask a question, and this one will jet a convoluted answer in your direction, then quickly head for the bowl of cracked walnuts on the table.  Which one is which?  Think you know? 

All right, the first one described is a Gemini.  The second is a Scorpio.  Are you confused, mystified?  Then you haven't been paying close attention to the hints in all the various Gemini and Scorpio chapters of this book.  The Gemini was tricking you into believing he-she is cool and poised - using one of Mercury's multiple identities, as smoothly as a seasoned actor slips from one part into another.  The Scorpio was wearing one of Pluto's Halloween masks, feigning a casual unconcern and light flippancy to hide his or her quivering intensity.  Now, do you understand the problem? 

They didn't notice each other at all.  Go on - walk over and introduce them, but the responsibility is yours, not mine.  If their Moon Signs are compatible, they can create haunting, misty dreams together.  After all, isn't a fine mist the result of a blending of air and water, in Nature?  But if their Sun and Moon Signs are square or opposed, the result will be fog - and in a heavy fog, Mercury Birds can't fly, while Scorpions make little progress along the seashore. 

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