lack of warmth.  (Water and Air Signs both seem cold and detached to those born in the Fire or Earth elements.)  As for loyalty, Gemini, as we all know by now, is not famous for loyalty - if the true meaning of the word is unswerving devotion to one person, one idea or one ideal for a lifetime.  Gemini does like to swerve!  These people have difficulty remaining interested in one topic for a full twenty-four hour day without swerving and veering into a different direction - let alone for an entire life-span on the planet Earth.  Without periodic variety and changing scenery, however, the average Mercury Bird would suffocate from sheer boredom. 

Like all 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns, unless they are born into the same family circle as relatives, or involved in a business association, Gemini and Scorpio might never meet without someone else introducing them.  Lacking a Sun-Moon harmony between their mutual horoscopes, these two normally don't have enough in common to feel any pulsing vibrations across a crowded room and usually need third-party intervention to become acquainted.  However, once they are accidentally tossed together by some innocent bystander, who has no idea what may result from this mixing of Air and Water, their 6-8 Pattern will invariably cause the relationship, whether friendly, business or emotional, to consist of much service and devotion on one side and an inexplicable magnetism on the other.  Incongruously (in an astrological sense), the service and devotion usually flows from Scorpio to Gemini - the magnetic attraction from Gemini to Scorpio.  One might say that Gemini represents one mystery Scorpio cannot completely penetrate, and there is precious little Scorpio cannot penetrate.  It's indisputably frustrating when taken in small doses, infrequently.  Taken in large doses daily, it can remove a lot of sting from Scorpio and cause some dulling of the childlike innocence of Gemini, ruffling the feathered wings of the impatient Mercury Birds. 

Clever, intellectual Gemini is a walking, talking Question Mark (with emphasis on the talking), constantly curious and occasionally spurious.  Scorpio is a firm Period, at the end of Knowing, the ultimate punctuation in the power of concentration.  Geminis normally have varying degrees of trouble concentrating, their attention span sometimes being as brief as the time it takes a butterfly to hover over one blossom or a bird to remain perched on one branch. 

In addition to being intensely domineering at times, Scorpio is also intensely proud and ambitious, in a disguised, quiet and unobtrusive way.  As a matter of fact, Scorpio is privately intense about everything.  Intensely ruthless, intensely loyal, intensely compassionate, intensely cool, intensely secretive, intensely mysterious.  These people do nothing to half measures, never mind how harmless and sweet they seem on the surface.  If they are your friends, they are your friends all the way up to heaven and all the way down to hell.  If they are your enemies, the same geographical route of extremities and polarities is followed. 

If Scorpio does
nothing halfway, then Gemini can be said to do everything halfway (or one to three-quarters).  Geminis never devote all - every shred of themselves - to any single person, idea or project.  Only small fragments, chips and pieces, occasional crumbs.  You see why they might never notice each other in a crowd? 

Although these two Sun Signs are different in motivation, character and personality, he differences can be intriguing.  Scorpio will never learn all there is to know about Gemini, can cares deeply about the failure.  Gemini will never totally plumb the awesome depth of Scorpio, and couldn't care less.  Not really.  To Gemini, all the fun is over when the riddle is solved.  It's the changing dialogue and the fun of guessing the plot that excites Mercury people, not the denouement of the final scene. 

Like Virgo, Gemini has a speculative and analytical nature, producing a marked tendency to read between the lines, therefore to often imagine that people mean more than they are saying.  Scorpio is no slouch in this department either, although the basic cause is different.  With Gemini, it stems from quick intellect, Mercurial curiosity and analytical urges - with Scorpio, from plain old-fashioned fear and suspicion. 

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