inclined to bathe their souls in art, poetry or music… the spoken or the written word.  Pisces absorbs beauty in ecstasy, silently.  Gemini grins, in awe and excited wonder.  Somehow, beauty brings the Twins and the Fish together, forms a bridge over which they can toss a sunbeam… and perhaps reach the other side of each other. 

Another way they're alike is that it's hard to get either of them to pay strict attention to what you're saying, or to get them to look directly at you for more than a fraction of an instant.  Gemini's eyes are sharp, alert, sometimes mocking.  Pisces eyes are soft, wandering, liquid and full of comprehension when they focus on you, which isn't often.  Gemini eyes too, focus only briefly, then dart restlessly here and there, birdlike.  Like their eyes, the minds of Gemini and Pisces wander also, but for different reasons… to separate galaxies. 

The reason Pisceans make such excellent sounding boards for the rest of us is that the Fish have been, in a karmic or a spiritual sense, through it all.  They've learned how to do without constant attention and adulation.  Knowing how to do without, and not complaining about it, is Neptune's strength, a Piscean weapon against the disappointments of life.  It makes these people stronger than they seem, much tougher than they appear to be.  The Fish are used to being overlooked, even before they're born.  Geminis, however, are accustomed to being heard and noticed from the time they're chattering toddlers.  Which brings us to one of the main reasons these two Sun Signs come together, when they do.  Gemini must communicate, needs to express himself or herself - and compassionate Pisces nearly always finds time to listen with genuine interest to both the heartaches and the excitements of others.  Gemini couldn't survive without an audience to appreciate the magic of Mercury's beautiful ribbons of words.  And the Fish couldn't survive without feeling needed.  But after a while, the Twins might lose the great gift offered by Pisces, if Neptune's gentle longings are consistently ignored.  There will be signs.  Clear indications.  And when they appear, they should be heeded.  The best time to mend a mistake is when it's small. 

GEMINI:  A magazine just accepted the article I wrote!  Isn't that great news? 
PISCES:  See how reddish the clouds are over there?  I remember my grandfather used to say, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight - red sky in he morning, sailor's warning…" 
GEMINI:  Did you hear what I said about my magazine article? 
PISCES:  I'm sorry.  I'm afraid I wasn't listening. 

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