flowers.  Does this make you happy? 
PISCES:  Oh, yes!  No one has ever been happier.  Please make sure the jury is told, and the judge too, how happy I've been. 
GEMINI:  Don't start talking about a judge and jury.  This isn't a trial, and you know it.  We're just having a discussion. 
PISCES:  I'm sorry… but you sound like a public prosecutor. 
GEMINI:  Let's stick to the point.  You say you're happy.  That's just another of your Neptune lies.  You are obviously, at this moment, sad.  Clearly depressed.  Why aren't you happy right now? 
PISCES:  Because I'm not making anyone else happy… not even you. 


PISCES:  I'm sorry to submit you to a cross examination, please forgive me, but… well, I don't trust you.  I'm afraid of you.  Don't you see how cruelly your words can cut?  Are you completely unaware of how unkind and how supercritical you are sometimes? 
GEMINI:  No more so than others.  I'm just verbal enough to express my thoughts clearly, to communicate my feelings.  I don't keep everything inside, the way you do.  I'm not sneaky, like you. 
PISCES:  Yes, that's true.  You are clever.  You can use words ever so much better than I.  You're even brilliant, at times.  Lots of times.  But… have you ever been happy?  I mean, content with yourself, peaceful?  Have you been?  Ever


GEMINI:  I… uh, well… of course.  Naturally.  Why do you ask me that?
PISCES:  I just wondered.  What does happiness mean to you? 
GEMINI:  Happiness?  What does it mean to me?  It's… well, it's a number of things you wouldn't understand. 
PISCES:  Like what?
GEMINI:  Like knowing exactly where I'm going, arriving there when I plan to arrive - knowing who I am and what I want. 
PISCESWho are you?  What do you want? 
GEMINI:  You are deliberately trying to confuse me.  I refuse to answer anymore questions. 

There are some ways in which Gemini and Pisces are alike.  Both of them give an overall impression of evasiveness, always sliding just out of reach, with a chameleon's talent for camouflage, as tricky to catch and pin down as fireflies (Gemini) and minnows (Pisces).  Their mental and physical maneuvers (both) are quick, darting and elusive, first shimmering in light before you - then disappearing.  Where did they go?  Well, which one do you mean?  The Fish just swam inside his (or her) deep emotional nature, for protection against further questions, more hurt - and the Mercury Bird, for the very same reasons, just soared mentally up into the gathering clouds above your head. 

You've heard that Pisceans are very old souls.  I've told you that myself, many times.  It's true.  They are.  They've come through the purifying deluge of many incarnations, and they understand everything and everybody - except themselves.  The soul cannot reach the Pisces incarnation until it has mastered, at least once, all of the other eleven Sun Sign's lessons.  Since some souls remain in (or return to) a single Sun Sign experience for many lifetimes before mastering the
positive side of that Sun Sign's essence, you can see why the Fish is an 'old soul.'  You can also understand why the Piscean faces the most difficult of all karmic testing.  For it is here, under Neptune's strange influence, that souls may slip and slide, and forget some of the eleven lessons learned at such expense, either be forced, then, to return to a certain sign (like returning to learn grammar, when you thought you'd passed it) or being reborn into the Pisces vibration itself again and again, until they get the hang of it. 

No wonder Pisceans are such a strange bunch.  As a group, they seem to

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