filled night, who displays a pixie sense of humour, understand about psychometry, UFOs, telepathy… and the Great Pyramid's mysterious wonders.  But the more typical Goat does not waste time pondering anything which can't be taken apart and put back together again by blueprint.  When Capricorns fly, they make their reservations early, to be safe.  When they go by car, they take a road map, to be sure.  But there are no blueprints, no maps to guide the astral traveler.  Trips out-of-the-body, into worlds beyond the material or the physical senses, don't require a reservation - only faith. 

It must be admitted that Gemini, when investigating other worlds, is not necessarily motivated by faith or spiritual hunger.  The Twins are usually motivated by simple curiosity, the kind that killed the legendary cat but doesn't seem to be fatal to Mercury Birds. 

A surprising number of Capricorns satisfy their soul hunger in the Saturn-approved method of becoming involved in art.  They sometimes collect it, enjoy it, become patrons of artists - or paint, sketch or draw themselves.  Some enter the acting profession or become dramatists.  A few follow music in some manner.  But whatever the Goat is or does, both feet will remain planted firmly on terra firma, and how far can you swing on a star when both feet are on the ground?  It requires a bit of stretching to enter other galaxies.  Still, any creative endeavour of any kind is akin to a dawning comprehension of an existence beyond the five senses, bearing a hint of a sixth, even a seventh… and more.  The ancients claimed that Saturn is a seventh-dimensional planet.  We live our daily lives in the third dimension.  Surely the seventh must carry a higher wisdom than even Gemini can contemplate.  But Saturn guards its secret well, with the usual Capricorn reticence and silence. 

Capricorns are inclined to keep their own counsel.  Geminis were born as natural communicators.  Which is right?  Both are - each in his or her own way, as long as neither interferes with the other doing his own thing.  Or her own thing.  With these two Sun Sign's, doing '
their own thing' is rare.  But the dictionary definition of 'rare' gives a choice between 'uncommon'… or 'very beautiful.' 

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