Capricorns have trouble even pronouncing it, some of them substituting words like 'okay' or 'I-suppose-so.'  I even know a Colorado Goat who substitutes the word 'yippee' (spoken very softly - for 'yes' - an explicable habit, but nonetheless typical.  So Cappy does not like to say 'yes.'  I think it has something to do with money or financial security.  To Capricorns 'no' seems to rhyme more with 'dough' - and 'yes' rhyme with 'less,' especially when it's spoken without due and proper consideration.  Something like that. 

This is a 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, meaning that Capricorn will attract Gemini for a reason relating to mystery, death, sex, reincarnation, hypnosis, psychiatry - or some bending of the mind, even drugs.  One of these areas will be involved in a subtle way or subconsciously.  As for the reverse, the Goat will always find some useful purpose for the Twins, and often Gemini will end up in some way, serving the slightly selfish Capricorn.  Self-sacrifice of one kind or another is bound to be present in the relationship, whether it be within the realm of the family group, business, friendship or lovers.  But then, someone has to sacrifice when two people are as essentially different in character as these two. 

Capricorns are clothed in an antique and thoroughly elegant manner, such an exulted aura being only proper as a means of radiating the Saturnine wisdom and skill through experience.  The attitudes of some Goats almost whiff of mothballs.  Most of them despise modern furniture, leaning more toward the traditional, the old, the
lasting.  Let Geminis pursue the trains of modern thought, deck their homes with plastic and shining chrome.  To Cappy, the tired and true seem more sensible.  No one can argue the superiority of craftsmanship.  I certainly wouldn't.  But Gemini might.  The Mercury-ruled can argue on behalf of any weak point and make it seem reasonable and feasible.  Except the Goat.  Capricorns are rarely the victims of Gemini persuasion.  Oh, it happens, but when it does, which is seldom, Cappies will catch on quickly to the manipulative mental game, sense that crooked psychological dice are being used against them, and back away, determined not to be caught twice with their caution down. 

There's more than the trace of the magnificence and serenity of Nature in Capricorns, something of the mountain goat's dignified bearing.  All this naturally draws the restless Gemini, who seeks repose of the spirit more desperately than is ever shown or admitted.  The serious but kindly and gentle Capricorn man, woman or child can supply a stable, calm, and rational basis of emotional security that the Twins find both comforting and necessary, a place to fold their wings between flights.  Life moves so swiftly for Gemini, it's often a frightening blur, and on occasion, they need to have the inner frenzy stilled.  Capricorn seems almost to be a resident of stillness, of silent, deep-green woods, and can bring many moments of tranquility to the Twins who stop to rest a while.  With Capricorn, Gemini may study the forms of Life and Love at Saturn's more leisurely pace. 

There are also lessons Capricorn can learn from Gemini.  Innocently, self-centred, intellectually independent and curious, Gemini is magically able to temporarily enter the realms of every book ever read, every movie ever seen, every symphony ever heard - to move as naturally and freely in that so-called imaginary world as if it were the kingdom of his or her birth. 

Consequently, the Twins can present the Goats with the valuable knowledge of how to be more than just a visitor to the worlds of literature, music, art - for these worlds of make-believe are where they live.  Gemini returns to this earth only by karmic obligation, to re-enter, a flesh prison after a long spell of daydreaming on other levels of awareness.  Capricorn benefits from this, because it is so difficult for the Goat to comprehend the reality of any place but Earth, Capricorn being so rooted in it, so practical and
down-to-earth on both a conscious and a subconscious level. 

There are, of course, rare Capricorns whose imaginations flash during a summer thunderstorm, whose spirits wonder and wander on a quiet, star-

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