than most other Sun Signs are apt to do. 

In friendship, business, love relationships, Gemini is not inclined to cling.  If anything, they hold to lightly and casually, let go too quickly and sometimes discard too soon.  Cancer hangs on for dear life (barring those Twins and Crabs with Moon Signs and Ascendants that strongly conflict with their natal Suns, and even then, the conflict is merely periodic and temporary).  The typical Crabs fear that if they should loosen their grip, they'll be left without an anchor, in strange, new waters, bereft of the comforting and the familiar. 

Of course, some Crabs will deny this trait with vehemence - the ones whose birth charts contain an Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius Moon or Ascendant.  Even so, don't be overly impressed with their denials - especially their claims that they don't save things or hang on to things.  The tenacious quality is always there.  It just takes some subtle forms in each individual Moon Child.  If you search long enough, you'll find it. 

A Gemini psychiatrist, whose office is on the ground floor of a building where I used to live, told me about a Cancerian patient he once treated for a mild neurosis.  The Crab is completely cured now, happy and well adjusted, no longer weepy.  On the first visit to the psychiatrist, there was so much emphasis on nostalgia and financial security, the secretive patient's Sun Sign peeked out.  After a couple of hours listening, the Gemini 'shrink,' although fascinated, began to fidget from sitting in one place too long, so he switched on one of his fast Mercury subject changes and remarked, "I'll bet you were born under the signs of Cancer." 

"Well," mused the Twins glibly, "maybe it's your Moon Sign.  Now, let's make an appointment for next week." 

CRAB:  You want me to go, is that it?  You want to get rid of me, because I bore you as a patient, and you think I'm too far gone for even you to help.  That's what you're trying to tell me. 
THE TWINS:  No, no - of course not.  Not at all.  It's just that I'm due in Chicago tonight for a speech, and if I don't leave for the airport within fifteen minutes, I'll miss my plane. 
CRAB:  I see.  And you want me to leave.  You're hinting for me to leave.  Isn't that right?
THE TWINS:  No.  I mean, yes.  Well, it isn't that I want you to leave.  But I'm afraid I'll miss my plane, that's all. 
CRAB:  Could I maybe ride along with you in the taxi to the airport?  And if you'll be back tomorrow, you could come over to my place for dinner.  I make a really tasty meatless spaghetti. 
THE TWINS:  I'd love to, but… I've already made another engagement for dinner tomorrow night, after I return. 
CRAB:  (weeping)  You hate me.  I can take a hint.  I'll go. 
THE TWINS:  Please don't cry.  You're wrong.  I'm not trying to get rid of you.  I wish I could take you to Chicago with me.  I enjoy your company.  Honest. 
CRAB:  (brightening considerably)  You do?  Okay, then can I make an appointment for the day after tomorrow instead of next week? 

The funniest part of the story is that the Cancerian patient was a female Crab, a Moon Maid, who is now happily married to the Gemini psychiatrist.  I trust this little story will illustrate to Geminis of any sex, age or profession, who are involved with a Cancerian in any way, that the quick can be tripped up by the quiescent - whether in romance, across the table in a card game or in a business deal, not to mention running around in the family circle. 

Crabs are impressionable, sensitive men, women and children.  They tend to be periodically contrary and sullen, brooding over slights, real or imagined.  But the Twins can usually sweet-talk or double-talk them into crawling back out of heir shells.  Gemini is the mental (or actual) wanderer, a lonely drifter, cut loose from ties, emotionally and sometimes literally) homeless, lost and seeking… the eternal child.  A Cancerian is the eternal Mother (or Father), protective, warm, tender,

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