with wit and charm, and maybe doing a few card tricks on the side, the bystanders won't know which of the three rings to watch at the circus.  (One ring for Cancer, two for Gemini, the Twins.  Two of everything for Gemini.) 

Before the party's over, either Cancer or Gemini (or both) may whip out a camera and start snapping.  Gemini and Cancer share a love for photography with Leo and Pisces, the four Sun Signs most likely to be professional or amateur photographers, each for a different reason.  The majority of top photographers were born under one of these four signs, or have the Moon or Ascendant there - and between them, they have the camera market pretty well covered. 

Another similarity between the Crab and the Twins is that their auras are coloured with many shades, because they're both so moody.  Cancer dips from the deep blues of depression to the rose of sentiment, sloshes around in the brown crankiness or the muddy lime greens of fear and hypochondria, then crawls back up to lavender-hued nostalgia and soft pink laughter. 

Gemini flits from bright yellow cheer to the indigo of despair, experiments with the shimmering silver of dreams and the gold of hope, then plunges down into the grey of despondency, from which he-she quickly leaps into glistening white childlike faith. 

When their auras mix, every colour of the spectrum is represented, from transparent etheric to ultraviolet… and a few more tones and shades that have not yet been perceived, let alone named. 

They're both dreamers, and both expert in the art of getting publicity (although the Crabs pretend not to be interested, he and she fool no one - they adore attention).  They also both have vivid imaginations, and they're both inclined to laugh in public and cry in private.  So you may think it's difficult to tell them apart.  It is not.  It's as easy as telling a bird in the air from a crab on the beach.  One flies with the wind or an errant breeze, flapping its wings, its bright eyes darting to and fro quickly.  The other crawls carefully along the shore, near the water, in the moonlight… backwards, sideways, slowly and deliberately.  Both are frequently amusing.  Both change their dispositions without warning. 

Regardless of their matching behaviour at times, in their basic natures, as with all other 2-12 Sun Sign Patterns, Gemini and Cancer are as different as night and day, as positive and negative as the north and south poles - and, in this case, as different as Air and Water (which are very different, you must admit). 

The Twins are Mutable; consequently, they prefer to dash around, here and there, communicating ideas and dreams, to being the Big Boss and running the show.  The Crabs are Cardinal, they definitely do not enjoy communicating (especially their own secrets) and prefer to run things - not necessarily out front, with a brass band, but still very much in charge. 

Being influenced by the 2-12 vibration, Gemini senses (because Cancer is the sign ahead of Gemini on the karmic wheel) that he or she has much to learn from the care and caution and secrecy of the Crabs - the ability to sit and wait patiently, and the tenacity to stay with an idea long enough for it to develop from a misty into a solid form.  Because Gemini is the signs behind Cancer, the Crab is wistfully conscious of a faint soul memory of how it was to be driven by the multiple yearnings of Mercury, searching the world over for a place to settle, yet reluctant to linger too long in one spot, for fear of missing something more exciting.  The Crabs remember, ah!  They remember… and so, ruled in this present existence by the fluctuating Moon, they are periodically consumed by wanderlust, and at the same time held back by fear (springing from the same karmic soul memory) of losing, in Gemini fashion, what they already possess.  That's why Cancerians usually remain by the hearth, flying (normally) only through the imagination, under a Full or New Moon, safely secure during such imaginary flights near the home nest.  But because they do understand, the Crabs often tolerate the restlessness of the Twins better

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