It's hard to detect behind the typical Capricorn's shy smile and gentle manners, but it's there. 

It's not uncommon to find the combination of the Crab and the Goat involved in renovation of historical landmarks, laying cornerstones, heading a drive to establish a museum, writing history books, building business empires, collecting antiques, or actively engaged in local or national politics.  This is a couple often found in bookstores (as the owners, of course) and especially in banks (on the board of directors).  As individuals, the Crab may be drawn toward marine activities, near the water, while the Goat tends to climb the highest mountain of achievement in his or her vicinity.  Capricorns abound in the jewelry business and junkyards.  Goats, you see, have an odd way of finding something practical, something of value, in anything from diamonds to rusty parts of an old car.  Strangely, they are also tuned into art, one of the few aesthetic experiences which attracts them.  But the typical Capricorn has no time for pop art like Andy Warhol's tomato cans and tubes of toothpaste.  To a Capricorn, art should be solid and substantial.  Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt - these are artists.  Picasso and Dali are joking, aren't they?  Art, like everything else in life, is a serious matter to the Saturn-ruled.  Imaginative Cancerians, although differently motivated, also appreciate the beauty of fine paintings and works of art, including music, and so lots of the people you see strolling through metropolitan galleries and attending concerts will be Crabs and Goats. 

If the Cancerian and the Capricorn are children, the same rules apply.  They'll both excel in history class, and both Cappy and the young Crab will start early mowing lawns or delivering newspaper to earn money to stash away in heir sock drawers. 

Many Capricorns are by nature somewhat cold and suspicious, thanks to Saturn's stern influence, and sympathetic, sensitive Cancer can provide a healing balm of love and understanding for the Goat.  Cancer's devotion to home and family will please Capricorn, who is equally loyal in family ties. 

Unless one or both were born with the Moon or Ascendant in the Air or Fire Element, these two will never burn dollar bills for fun.  Very few, if any, Cancerians and Capricorns are found resorting to public welfare or food stamps.  Not only are they clever in financial matters, they also share a rather severe Puritan work ethic.  They feel alike concerning the subject of money.  Both enjoy stacking up lots and lots of it, and both prefer saving it to spending it.  If any two people need to meditate on poet Kahlil Gibran's words on the subject of working for material gain, they are Cancer and Cappy.  They would benefit immensely from an attempt to comprehend that man must 'work with love' or it is better that he sits outside the gates of the temple and 'take alms from those who do… for bread baked without love is a bitter bread, that feeds but half man's hunger.' 

At first glance, those words will startle both the Crab and the Goat.  Work for love?  People work for money, not love.  If a person also happens to enjoy his or her work, so much the better, but the first consideration is the financial compensation, isn't it?  No, it is not.  To work with love is the first consideration, the cash return is secondary.  And therein lies the problem.  It isn't that the Moon-ruled and Saturn-ruled don't understand craftsmanship and labouring with the heart, as well as with the hands.  It's a matter of priorities.  And these two are charged with the duty to make a strong effort to change them. 

One of the most delightful things about the pairing of these undeniably divergent creatures, the Crab and the Goat, is that the outwardly controlled and stern, but inwardly gentle and lonely, Capricorn, can find an escape from his or her seriousness in the rich and refreshing humour of the Moon people.  Crab's sense of the ridiculous brings a merry twinkle to the eye of the Goat.  Cancer clowns - Cappy grins.  And the steadfast Capricorn heart, so sadly locked much of the time by the disciplined emotions, begin to warm, then to beat a little faster. 

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