have that someone be your genie too, at the same time, supplying all your needs, while you supply his (or hers).  It's the same with the polarities of anything on Earth.  Take a thermometer.  You have Hot, and you have Cold.  When they meet in the middle, you have Warm - the temperature of eternal Spring.  Lovely thought!  And that's just what can happen when Winter (Saturn) and Midsummer (the Moon) meet each other halfway. 

Yes, Cancer symbolizes Midsummer, just as Gemini symbolizes late Spring and early Summer.  Leo symbolizes Summer in full bloom - and Virgo symbolizes Indian Summer.  This seasonal Sun Sign conceptual is fully explained in "The Twelve Mysteries of Love" in the front section of this book.  But it may be important to remind the Crab and the Goat of it again here… that Cappy means Winter and the Crab means Midsummer. 

Despite the opposition of their Sun Signs and Lunar-Saturnine rulers, and in addition to the complementary nuances of opposites being a plus to their association - Cancer and Capricorn are alike in certain ways, as much alike in these ways as they are different in many others.  Both the differences and the similarities are strikingly pronounced in this particular 7-7 vibration. 

They were both born under the Negative-Feminine Night Forces, meaning that each has a soft inner core, and is rather good at hiding the softness - meaning, too, that the feelings and emotions of both run very deep.  They are also both Cardinal, therefore both Cancer and Capricorn like to lead in subtle ways, and so their mutually shared leadership motivation may be hidden when they first meet.  It will not remain long hidden. 

It's difficult for an association to contain two leaders of equal stature.  Consequently, something will have to give a little.  It will more likely be the Crab.  For a while, however, it's an amusing scene for the astrologically alert to watch from a distance.  Picture, if you can, two 'leaders' each attempting - in great secrecy - to lead the other, without letting the other suspect that or she is being led.  Gradually, each of them becomes aware of the leadership motive of the other, never mind how cleverly hidden - and then the quiet, yet intense and determined battle for supremacy between them begins.  Truly, it is as fascinating to observe as a movie - more fascinating than most films Hollywood has been making recently.  (For meditation purposes, Gerald Ford is a Crab; Richard Nixon, a Goat). 

Throughout all this carefully mapped strategies, it would behoove the Crab to remember the Goat's sure-footed reputation - and it would behoove the Goat to remember that the Crab always takes a step or two sideways and backward before advancing straight ahead.  It will be a thrilling battle of wills.  There won't be as much fanfare as with the Fire and Air Element oppositions in the other 7-7 Sun Sign Patterns (Cancer is Water, Capricorn is Earth) but quiet and steady contests can contain more suspense. 

Some of the traits of the Crab and the Goat are neither similar nor dissimilar, but simply supportive of each other.  For example, Cancer likes comfort and security in great abundance.  Capricorn is intensely ambitious, and since ambition has a way of being one of the quicker routes to all degrees of comfort and security, this is one thing that may hold these two together, as well as attract them initially. 

They are both attached to yesterday, the Moon-ruled because of a liking for history in general, plus a sort of personal nostalgia, the Goat because of the lessons to be learned from experiences of the past and a touch of hero worship.  (Actually, Cappy admires the achievers of past and present equally, but yesterday's heroes and heroines have more glamour.)  They also share a strong attachment to the family hearth and relatives.  Cancer leans toward sentiment for the maternal, Cappy leads toward sentiment for both the maternal and the paternal, the whole family tree - especially if a coat of arms hangs from one of the branches.  Some Goats are decidedly snobbish about fame and prestige - the whole status trip. 

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