CRAB #1:  Yes, I would.  My wife likes you, my kids love you, and…
CRAB #2:  (peeking anxiously out of the shell) Really?  Really-truly?  CRAB #1:  Yes, really-truly, and honour-bright.  I swear it. 
CRAB #2:  (perking up, opening the shell, and crawling cautiously out onto the warm sans of affection and approval)  Say!  How would you like a bowl of hot chicken soup?  And maybe a slice of toast… with butter? 

The typical Cancerian wouldn't feel totally secure financially if he or she owned Fort Knox.  Nelson Rockefeller, the original John D. Rockefeller and various other assorted Rockefellers are Cancerians.  They spend most of their time worrying about how to invest their billions to keep them from shrinking into mere millions, right along with worrying about how to give the whole would a bowl of hot chicken soup.  Here they are (they believe) trying their best to solve the problems of starvation and poverty and political confusion, with the few dollars they can spare - and everyone misconstrues their motives and calls them greedy, monopoly-minded capitalists.  It's just AWFUL.  Nobody understands, nobody really

The emotional insecurities which cause many Crabs to snap and be cranky, to withdraw into their shells sullenly and pout, to hoard their cash under the mattress and be fearful and timid about accepting affection, may often best be soothed by another Moon Child.  However, sometimes these moody Looney Birds of such deep perception and sharp insight, such gentle manners and graceful ways, need the added dimension of other Sun Sign friends, associates and mates to balance their complex personalities.  Two Crabs together will develop strong ties of sympathy, but will they grow?  Only when each is wise enough to see in the other his or her own mistakes, thus correcting, instead of compounding them - for compounded mistakes, very much like compounded interest loans at a bank, can be costly in terns of human happiness. 

Despite a natural timidity, Cancerians possess incredible tenacity of purpose, frequently losing all fear and reticence when a crisis strikes, and something or someone they love needs their courage.  Then they can be amazingly strong, forceful and tough - until their feelings are hurt again - and back they crawl into the protective shell.  In any sort of mutual relationship they'll never run out of things to crab about, weep over, laugh at and share. 

All Looney Birds are fascinated by antiques, museums and politics.  Normally, they're intensely patriotic, and if they're typical Cancerians, they'll be the most loyal, flag-saluting, flag-waing citizens of their country - except for Taureans.  Many of them are teachers, scientists, artists and photographers (and bankers, of course, that's understood).  The women are usually ideal homemakers, and excellent, though somewhat possessive, mothers.  Both sexes tend to collect valuables, as well as totally worthless junk.  Crabs are impossibly cranky, touchingly kind and hilariously funny.  They're first chatty, then silent, sullen and depressed - sometimes pushy and aggressive, at other times cautious and conservative, blushing with shyness and timidity.  They can be gallant, sweet, old-fashioned, motherly or fatherly, protective, scholarly, soothing and gentle.  They're highly secretive (but seldom deceptive - there's a difference), graceful, poetic, musical daydreamers, whose raindrop tears are preludes to fits of giggles.  Money and food can seduce them into almost anything, yet they're more sentimental at heart than even Leo, Libra and Taurus - and always economical and thrifty. 
You'd be all these things too, if your emotions were synchronized to every change of the Moon. 

I don't know about your experiences, but all the Crabs who have grabbed any toe - or ear - or heart - on the beach, in the mountains, or in the city, are each doing their astrologically, totally typical thing.  Among the Looney Birds I know personally, one owns a supermarket, one is a musician, one interprets dreams - and one is a powerful, wealthy tycoon-politician for whom I have very high regard, who has, on occasion, requested astrological guidance, and has always thanked me most gallantly and graciously, in writing. 

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