These Sun Signs are astrologically trine (harmonious) and influenced by the magical 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern.  Therefore, each senses the other's superior qualities, when compared with anyone else either of them knows.  Since a genuine admiration for each other is seldom lacking, when peace descends and an armistice is declared, it's often full of vows (dramatic, naturally) of eternal loyalty and devotion.  Until the next battle.  Then it starts all over again. 

In the family circle - in the classroom or office - or between lovers or legal mates - the relationship can be a warm and happy one, as long as Aries is willing to look up to Leo as a guide, preceptor, counselor or teacher - and as long as Leo continues to wrap Aries in the cozy warmth of the kind of loving kindness and protectiveness the Sun-ruled can give so effortlessly.  It will be, on the whole, a successful association, even though not always tranquil, because the Aries-Leo relationship is blessed by the grace of the magical 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibration.  Leo will provide plenty of sincere and extravagant compliments, something Aries needs as the flowers need rain.  And vice versa. 
Totally vice versa.  Both Aries and Leo not only seek appreciation, they quite frankly demand it.  If one of them has a conflicting Moon Sign or Ascendant, their quarrels may be more serious and hurtful, yet forgiveness is, even then, usually the final resolution. 

One trouble area will be those lose dissertations of wisdom from Leo, which often begin with the words, "Now, listen to me, and I'll explain how wrong you are."  Since the Ram has enough trouble coping with bossy people in day-to-day living, to be forced to sit through the same sort of thing each night at dinner may ignite the very short fuse of the Mars temper… but I'll tell you a secret.  Actually, Aries will privately give Leo, a lot of credit, and sincerely respect the advice given so freely and constantly, a lot more than he or she lets on.  This may be because the advice given by a Leo to Aries is so frequently cushioned in real affection and concern.  Rams desperately need loving guidance, and the chances are better than average that they'll get it from the Lion - or Lioness.  As long as it is clearly 'loving,' not arrogantly authoritative. 

If only the Ram could learn to ask Leo to do things, instead of commanding, "Do it now¸ and don't ask questions" - the relationship between them would be smoother.  No one orders royalty around like that, not even Prime Ministers.  It requires lots of effort for the Mars-ruled Ram to learn to be more gracious when trying to get Leo to do something, but it's an effort that must be made, or the struggle for dominance will disintegrate into continual dispute. 

When there is mutual consideration, there can be a singular and extraordinary relationship, for Leo senses the hidden insecurities and dependency, just behind the spectacular, brave Aries personality, and knows the Ram's surface sureness is not backed up by inner conviction - while Aries will grow to depend on Leo, not just for the well-organized Leonine mind and steadiness in a storm, but also for the ability of his (or her) sunny nature to give warmth and meaning to each moment of life.  The Ram knows how quivering and sensitive Leo's heart really is, never mind the cover of superiority and bravado.  These two have much natural sympathy.  You can tell it when they smile at each other.  It's a strangely intimate smile, a grin of gratitude that says, "Thanks for understanding me - I understand you too." 

In each other, Aries and Leo will find the excitement they are constantly searching for.  They're both essentially dynamic personalities, driven by a desire to live life fully, missing nothing.  The know that stars grow wild, like a field of daisies, somewhere high above and beyond the banal and the mundane.  And even though their goals may be different, unless one of them had the Moon or Ascendant in a more financially cautious sign at birth, like Cancer, Scorpio or one of the three Earth Signs, they both believe at arriving at their destinations by traveling First Class, not just in a material sense but in every way.  That may need some careful thought to be comprehended. 

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