well as steady, stable and steadfast. 

Still, you shouldn't expect the Marx Brothers.  Each was born under a negative Earth Sign, which does not provide fertile soil for frivolity.  Goats and Bulls
are funny, but they're not hilarious, and they won't lose an inch of dignity while they're cutting up.  You won't find many of them dancing wildly in noisy disco dives.  A nice quiet evening at home, watching movies of the family's vacation at Yellowstone National Park, is more their speed.  Taurus and Capricorn constitute what has been called the 'Backbone of America.' 

Since theirs is a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern the areas of romance, children, religion, travel, education and show business are, percentage-wise, the probable pastures where the Goat and Bull will find a common interest.  From there, they may engage in an endeavour which will unite them in a glorious strength of effort and purpose (if their mutual Luminaries are harmonious) or which could result in a hopeless locking of horns and total boredom (if the Sun and Moon signs between their horoscopes are unfavorable).  However, even in the latter case, they can always use the natural sympathy of all 5-9 vibrations to bridge their difficulties.  It's difficult for any two people who are influenced by this Sun Sign Pattern to remain angry or opposed for long.  The path to reconciliation is always easy, and visible to them, when they desire to find it. 

You might see an occasional Capricorn wearing a feather headdress and love beads, smoking peyote in the park and openly flouting convention, but if you do, you can be sure that he (or she) is a lost and lonely soul, trying desperately to prove something - heaven knows what.  It's not a natural state of dress or behaviour for the normally, staid, formal Cappy, and there's certain to be a mild neurosis, or a dissatisfaction with Life, lingering in the smoke trailing out of the peace pipe. 

You may also run across a rare Bull who drives a flashy yellow Stingray to the bank and shakes a pink tambourine while he makes his hefty cash deposit, but he's probably just trying to get the attention of a female teller to satisfy his sentimental Venus yearnings.  It's really best in the long run to know who and what you are and be true to your own Sun Sign image.  A Ram shouldn't try to be docile and meek.  A Virgo would be miserable trying to be careless and casual.  A Bull and a Goat should not try to be wild gypsies.  It doesn't become them.  It often becomes Aquarius, but not these two. 

One area these Sun Signs are highly unlikely o be involved in together is the drug scene.  Most Taureans don't really need the extra kick of a high, because the senses are so acutely tuned in on their environment.  The Bulls can sniff a sweet pea or a zinnia, in pure ecstasy for hours, contemplating its form and colour and scent - until they get stung by an angry bumblebee.  As for the typical Capricorns, they wouldn't dream of indulging in recreation against the law, and certainly not one that might delay or obstruct their Saturn-directed, ambitious climb up the mountain - or cause a scandal. 

The Goats want, above all, to be accepted and respected by their friends, relatives and neighbours, and by society at large.  When scientists get around to taking their noses out of their test tubes and seriously investigate astrology, they'll find an amazingly small percentage of Taureans and Capricorns in 'halfway houses,' or in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, as compared with the number of other Sun Signs.  There are, of course, occasional exceptions that prove the rule, but very few. 

I know a Capricorn jeweler in Cripple Creek, Colorado, named Steve, who has mapped all the spots where the wild strawberry grass a mystical herb) grows the greenest, in the hills behind the small mining community.  He gathers it, dries it, dips it in gold or paints it - then uses it to make abstract pictures of Western scenes to see the tourists in his 'Crucible.'  You can always count on Cappy to find a practical angle for anything.  This particular Goat wears modified sideburns as his concession to the Aquarian Age, but somehow, on him, the sideburns

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