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Scorpio Shadow
(From the book "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green)

What can we say about the dark side of Scorpio, when he is already so well acquainted with his own darkness?  This is a water sign:  full of feeling, subjective in approaching life and people.  Scorpio has the courage to face all manner of things, but this usually lie on the emotional plane.  What he often can't face is the degree to which his reactions are governed by his opinions.  We said earlier that the water signs as a group, tend to opinionatedness, because they are so often unaware of their own thought processes.  Being so subjective and concerned for their own personal values, it is difficult to see the clear, fair, bird's-eye view of things.  And here is one of Scorpio's greatest blind spots.  He can be downright fanatical in his views about people and life.  And this fanaticism can, in the wrong place and at the wrong time, spur him into some pretty unpleasant actions based on biased or distorted judgment. 

Let's take an example of this in everyday life.  Let's look at the Scorpio woman who has been hurt in a succession of relationships.  For all her insight and sensitivity, you will find that a lot of Scorpio women have formed fixed, crystallized opinions about the opposite sex.  Big, blanket generalizations.  Like, 'All men are bastards', or 'No man can be trusted', or All men are unfaithful'. 

Here is a typical scenario.  We might call it the Othello syndrome. 

SCORPIO WOMAN:  Where were you tonight?  You said you'd be back at eight.  It's midnight.  (This is invariably said in an accusing tone of voice, making it perfectly clear that whatever explanation is offered, only one will be believed.) 
AIR MAN:  Sorry, dear.  I had a frenetic day at the office.  Then the car broke down, and I spent two hours trying to fix a leaking radiator.  It's just been one of those days.  (A note of defence creeps in.  Resentment about being mistrusted.  Preparation for becoming cagey if pressed.) 
SCORPIO WOMAN:  (Silence.  The atmosphere becomes visibly chilly.  Icicles form around the dinner dishes.  When he tries to touch her affectionately, she recoils.  She is thinking to herself:  he's cheating on me.  Bastards, they all do it in the end.  I'll be damned if I'll let him use me like that.  Right.  No sex for a month.)
AIR MAN:  What's wrong, dear?  I told you, I couldn't help it. 
SCORPIO WOMAN:  Nothing's wrong, dear.  (Stony glare.  She imagines he knows she knows, and is trying to make him feel suitably ashamed.  He hasn't the vaguest idea what is running through her mind.) 

Give one of these a week, a year, ten years, and you have a real horror show, straight out of
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  Scorpio can ravage a marriage, a love affair, a home, with this kind of behaviour.  It isn't sufficient to just say it's a jealous sign.  There are many kinds of jealousy.  Possessive, yes, but all water signs are possessive.  But Scorpio's





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