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Sagittarius Shadow
(From the book "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green)

Sagittarius, too, has his dark side.  There are a couple of typical manifestations of it.  One of them we might call the Groupie.  The scenario goes something like this: 

FRIEND TO SAGITTARIAN:  I hear you've been away on holiday.  Did you go anywhere interesting?
SAGITTARIUS:  Oh, Cannes, naturally, I just had to be there while the festival was on.  It was really nice to see Stanley and Michael again.
FRIEND:  Stanley and Michael?
SAGITTARIUS:  Oh, yes, you don't know them, do you?  Kubrick and Cimino.  The new film is really exceptional.  We had a long talk about it over dinner. 
FRIEND:  I went to Southampton for a couple of weeks. 
SAGITTARIUS:  (with a profoundly bored look) Really.  That's interesting.  I suppose you haven't heard about the terms of Mick's divorce? 
FRIEND:  Mick who?
SAGITTARIUS:  Oh, never mind, you probably wouldn't know.  Well, I must be off, Ariana's having a cocktail party tonight, and you know, well, I have the distinct feeling she fancies me, so…
There is a coda to this scenario.  It usually involves the friend not seeing the Sagittarian again, because he just doesn't know the right people and isn't up on what's happening.) 

The shadowy side of Sagittarius can be a dreadful name-dropper and groupie.  There's the literary Sagittarian groupie, who knows Lawrence Durrell intimately and stays at his house.  There's the esoteric Sagittarian groupie who's intimate friends with Guru Swamikananda and knows all about his private sex life.  There's the political Sagittarian groupie who's always having dinner with Jim and Maggie.  There's even a scientific Sagittarian groupie, and a legal one, and a medical one.  In short, the Sagittarian shadow likes to be where it's all happening, and with the people that it's all happening to; and somehow, with his marvelously intuitive nose, he manages to be in the right restaurant at the right time and meets the right person.  One of Sagittarius' gifts is the ability to make contacts and spot opportunities.  This gift is put to service of the Sagittarian shadow when the archer uses other people as his opportunities, and drops them when they're not useful. 

Don't think the groupie is limited to the shadow side of Sagittarian women.  It's not.  There are as many hangers-on among the male sex in these fields as there are women; and the shadowy Sagittarian groupie of the male variety is no more averse to using a sexual relationship with a glamorous or well-known woman to get him into a position of advantage (no pun intended) than the female variety is.  Having spent a couple of years working in the Hollywood recording business, I had ample opportunity to observe the groupie phenomenon.  It's observable in any profession where fame, glamour, colour and excitement are part of the show.  And the really good groupies, the ones who managed to build a veritable career out of basking in somebody else's limelight, were usually the Sagittarians. 

The Sagittarian shadow is always the first to hear of a new club, a new restaurant, a new pub where the interesting people hang out. 





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