people, the poor, the suffering, or whatever.  Pisces may often be found searching desperately for a cause to which he can devote himself, even sacrifice himself.  It is an ecstasy which the other signs want no part of, since they all still have left some shred of a personal sense of their own 'I'ness.  Pisces doesn't.  It's the completion of the cycle, the end.  And there's a very strong tendency to want to give up everything, offer it up, disintegrate, disappear. 

Compassion and love of an impersonal, unbiased kind are also Piscean virtues extolled in this last era.  Love thy neighbour as thyself, turn the other cheek - these are Piscean aspirations.  Of course you have to remember that there's another fish to the pair, too.  But much of the history of religion in the last two thousand years has forgotten about that second fish.  It's locked down in the basement, and popularly referred to as the Devil. 

You get the picture.  We can look objectively at the myths of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, or whomever, and see how some of these mythical heroes and motifs fit particular zodiac signs.  If we can strip ourselves of our prejudices, and remember that every age has considered its teaching the only true one, we can perceive that in the figure of Christ we have a model of Pisces - as the sign would like to be.  And in the figure of the Devil, we have the dark fish, the other fish, which we must now consider. 

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