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The Leo Shadow
(From the book "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green)

Leo's shadow is probably one of the better known shadows of the zodiac.  This is because nothing Leo does is small or unobtrusive.  Everything is big and a little larger than life.  That includes his shadow side.  We might call it the 'I, the King' syndrome.  The phrase 'I, the King' was used by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V during the sixteenth century, and it meant he ruled the world and no questions asked.  If a document was signed, 'I, the King,' that was it.  You didn't discuss, debate, argue, negotiate, or even mention it again.  You simply obeyed.  The scenario goes something like this. 

RIEND TO LEO:  I've decided to look for another job.  I'm really sick of working for insurance.  I'd like to find something more creative. 
LEO:  I have just the thing for you.  You can work for me.  I need someone to edit my film scripts before they go out to the cast.  You can do the editing and proof-reading. 
FRIEND:  But I don't know anything about films. 
LEO:  I'll teach you.  (Tone of voice becomes expansive, magnanimous.)  We'll start you at a fairly small salary, of course, but after all, you've no experience, but as you learn we'll increase it.  Say twenty pounds a week. 
FRIEND:  (Torn by guilt.  Disgusted at the suggestion but grateful to be given the opportunity to enter a new field.)  That's pretty small. 
LEO:  But you're inexperienced.  Don't worry.  It'll get bigger. 
Six months later
FRIEND:  Thanks for that increase.  By the way, I tried my hand at a small piece of scripting myself.  I'd appreciate your comments. 
LEO:  Of course, of course.  I'd be glad to read it.  I bet you've got a lot of potential. 
Six weeks later
FRIEND:  You used my idea. 
LEO:  What are you talking about?
FRIEND:  The film script.  You took my idea and wrote it into your own script. 
LEO:  Don't be ridiculous.  That was my own original idea.  Look, I don't like your tone of voice.  It was my generosity that got you into this business in the first place.  You would still be working in the insurance office if it hadn't been for me.  I did you a favour.  This is how you repay me.  That's really pretty bloody ungrateful.  I had that idea a long time ago.  You surely don't think I got it from your silly script.  Look, you've been working hard.  Tell you what, we'll give you another five quid a week and put you on camera direction.  That's something you don't know much about…..

This scenario illustrates several facets of the Leo shadow.  The first part sometimes peeps through Leo's magnanimity.  Sometimes that generosity is genuine, and nobody in the world can be so generous and open-handed as a Leo.  But when the shadow creeps in, it isn't all genuine.  There's an ulterior motive at work.  For one thing, Leo loves to be needed; he loves to feel people depend on him.  Sometimes he forgets that encouraging a person's own individuality is just as important as always giving.  Sometimes receiving a gift can be even more important.  Leo sometimes gives and gives but won't receive because it puts the other person on an equal basis with him,





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