Gemini's quick wit, swift intellect and ease with words can seduce occasional Mercury Birds into becoming con artists supreme, tricky car salesmen and politicians, swindlers, drug pushers, or just plain, old-fashioned crooks.  Yet, these very same qualities allow many Twins to become excellent teachers, literary geniuses, creative artists and musicians, clever mathematicians, brilliant scientists and sincere and convincing salesmen of all manner of things.  The Gemini duality calls these men and women in both directions.  They're pulled on by both their Twin selves between day and night, dark and light, wrong and right - a spiritual struggle that continues, in a mild way, even with the prosaic, 'ordinary' Geminians. 

Most Geminis are far too intelligent and too fond of their freedom to risk apprehension and confinement by breaking the law, but those who do flirt with antisocial activities lean toward the light-fingered crimes, such as twirling combination locks on safes, forgery and counterfeiting.  Seldom will a Gemini be guilty of homicide, although the Twins may be an 'accomplice to murder.'  The Gemini criminal prefers to mastermind the crime and delegate the authority for the action of others, the tendency of all Mutable Sign people. 

There are always a few scattered and very rare notable exceptions that prove this, or any other rule, but only the smallest fraction of those confused souls who commit murder are Geminis.  Killing requires more raw physical aggression than most Mercury-ruled people are able to muster.  Violence offends the sensitivity of the average or typical Geminian. 

All Geminis of any age or sex, possess active, fertile minds, always operating at high speed, and never mind the quietness and placidity you notice in the surface personality of the
one Twin who appears to be dominant in the Mercury personality.  As quiet and placid as he or she may be, the brain is constantly busy, busy, busy.  Don't judge a Gemini by his (or her) speech patterns alone.  Carefully note the results.  Somehow, things get done, and they get done fast, when Gemini chooses, however slow-appearing the outward activity may be.  The pose of slowness is totally deceptive.  The bottom line is what counts. 

In fact, many Geminians deliberately choose just such a disguise to fool people.  They allow the 'quiet' Twin to be the 'front' for the Mercury personality, and keep the swift, super-smart, restless Twin in the background at all times, directing the strategy, all unsuspected by the astrologically unenlightened.  Notice the
eyes of the deceptive, quiet ones.  You'll see a continual 'twinkle,' a quick darting look, taking in the scopes of any situation in a glance.  The eyes tell the story. 

The essential and basic nature of Mercury-ruled people is very much like that of the Jupiter-ruled people - sunny, cheerful and optimistic (though Gemini is never as na´ve as Sag, even in youth).  Later, in life both become cynical in varying degrees, yet somehow, still retain a certain childlike hope.  Yes, I know that's contradictory, but the character of all double-signs is contradictory.  Do-u-b-l-e.  D-u-a-l.  Two things at he same time.  Simultaneous non sequiturs. 

As for the poor Archers, they are not always quite so persuasive as Gemini, and frequently find themselves in hot water when they blurt out uncomfortable truths.  Not that Sagittarians aren't charming.  They possess oodles of rain-fresh, dew-drenched charm, but it quickly loses its power when they begin to fling a string of stinging words with very little subtlety or tact.  Blunt is the word for Sagittarius, and bluntness doesn't win ball games.  At least, not as many ball games as may be won by the verbally graceful and mentally adept Gemini, who often wins on sheer glibness alone.  Gemini can be cutting in speech also, but only when he or she chooses to use the weapon of sarcasm. 

Sagittarius is usually incapable of sarcasm.  The Archer's sharp speech hurts only because of the ring of reality most people don't want to hear.  Sarcasm requires a certain kind of
twisting of the truth to make the truth

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