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Aries Shadow
(From the book "Astrology for Lovers" by Liz Green)

Yes, knights in white horses have shadows.  And you might expect that with all that shining armour, with the sunlight glinting so brightly on it, the shadow would be pretty dark.  All fire signs, because their reality is so coloured by their inner vision of a mythical world, have a shadow that is pretty heavy and earthy.  The same is true of Aries.  We can apply two words to describe the qualities of Aries' shadow.  Sloth and pettiness. 

Now, the slothful side isn't something you'd notice, what with the hurry and the impatience and the quickness of the flash of armour whisking by.  It isn't usual to think of Aries as lazy, really, in the sense that he lacks physical energy or dynamism.  But he can be inclined to be a dreamer, and along with all those lovely images of chivalry and courtly love and the glory of the chase, we should remember another facet of medieval life.  This is the attitude of the
noblesse toward the world:  because he's at the top of the hierarchy (even if he's financially impoverished), he should be supported by those beneath. 

This connects with the secret dream that many Ariens have:  the wealthy patron.  Now the dream of the wealthy patron isn't quite the same as Taurus' love of material luxury, or Pisces' gentle passivity which often requires a strong support.  Aries can believe so utterly in his own dreams, his own talent, his own messianic mission, that he expects that less talented souls should provide the material means for him to achieve it.  Even Joan of Arc arrived at the chateau of Vaucouleurs and demanded a horse, armour, a company of fighting men, a groom, a squire, and some nice clothes so that she can be presentable for the king. 

This expectation that others should do the messy work and provide the support is a real problem with many Ariens.  It's why so many creative, gifted, idealistic Ariens with a real talent come to nothing.  They're still waiting for wealthy patrons, still assuming that the world owes them something for their gift.  And when it isn't forthcoming, they can become angry and irritable, as though life have injured them.  It isn't that Aries is averse to work.  He can work harder than any other sign, devotedly, obsessively.  It's just that his work must be what he wants to work at.  But all those annoying mundane details should be cleared away before he arrives.  He doesn't want to be bothered with them. 

It's common enough for the Aries man to take this stance in his relationships.  Aries tends to be hard on secretaries, manservants, messenger boys, shopkeepers.  He's impatient, irritable and annoyed if something isn't done quickly, immediately and perfectly.  The fact that he might blunder if he tried to do it himself is irrelevant.  He shouldn't have to try doing it.  He's Special.  He's the Knight.  Knights who don't polish their own armour or feed their own horses.  That's what lesser folks are for.  Yes, the knight can be fairly obnoxious when you catch him at home.  His gallantry and bravery and noble deeds compensate well enough; and they also overshadow what a nuisance he can be if there's a speck of rust on the cuirass. 

This takes us to the second side of Aries' shadow.  I mentioned the word pettiness.  Perhaps pernicketiness would be a better word.  It's about that spot of rust.  Because he isn't terribly





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