The other ruler, Uranus, is the inventor, the magician, the liberator.  It is this planet which symbolizes the strong drive in Aquarius to find freedom, to pierce the veil of the mysteries, to shatter hidebound structures.  The Uranian side of many Aquarians is predominant, and they are iconoclasts in one way or another.  They foment rebellion - figuratively or literally - because Uranus drives them to seek freedom.  It is no wonder that Aquarius is such a complex sign!  These two planetary rulers often collide with each other.  Aquarius is often torn between his love of truth and his respect for tradition. 

We should mention one more myth which has relevance to Aquarius.  This is the myth of Pandora, who opens the forbidden box and releases the entire array of human ills and sufferings, along with Hope.  Here too one can read the deeper meaning of Aquarius.  With his probing intellect and his curiosity about life, he often causes more destruction than good, for his inventions and his insights give us powers we are ill-equipped to handle.  But with Aquarius there is also always hope, for he has a deep and ingrained faith in human potential and human nature.  This is partly why so many Aquarians favour a democratic or socialist system of government - they believe that ultimately the individual is capable of his own choices and of a noble concern for his fellow man.  Whether Aquarius is right or wrong in his conjecture is an issue that continues to rage in every country of the world.  But from the viewpoint of this idealistic sign, there is always hope. 

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