Neither do they have the self-confidence of Scorpio.  Self-confidence implies that one is perfect, or near-perfect, and Virgos are only too aware of all the imperfections in human nature in general, their own in particular.  There's not a single Virgo who isn't convinced that there's more to criticize and improve in himself (or herself) than in anyone else.  Once Scorpio recognizes the enduring trait of Virgo's (and it usually doesn't take long for Scorps to psychometrize anything or psyche out anyone) compulsion to remind, suggest, and observe in detail is les annoying, and the Eagle smiles affectionately upon the elf-like, well-meaning human.  If Virgo will go easy on outright criticism, nagging, scolding, and hair-splitting, the two of them will get along famously, and become unexpectedly close.  Unexpectedly, because 'closeness' to another person is not something either Virgo or Scorpio looks upon casually - or attains easily. 

Others may fear to plumb and probe Scorpio's secret nature and mantle of mystery, but Virgo has a curious, exploring mind, and although he or she won't reach up and rudely pull off Scorpio's mask, a gentle attempt will be made to uncover what is hidden from view.  Virgos are somehow not as frightened or in awe of Scorpio as other Sun Signs often are, since Virgo frankly respects Scorpio's own critical and analytical abilities.  The Virgin will frequently make a conscious effort with an Eagle, to avoid controversial matters before they become actual disagreements, for a couple of reasons.  First, Virgo trusts Scorpio to be as careful and cautious as he (or she) might be - also wiser, more sensitive - and so the Virgin's believe that there's every possibility Scorpio's views may be the correct ones.  Second, Virgo has already calculated the percentage possibility of winning a battle of wits with the Eagle and has decided there's not much of a chance, at best.  Further, the Virgo man or woman is acutely aware of the almost certain unpleasant results if Scorpio is goaded too far or unnecessarily challenged - and unpleasant confrontations are counterproductive to their common goals.  ('Couterproductive' is one of Virgo's favourite words.) 

Virgos are enormously practical about such things.  It's this level-headed quality which makes Scorpio smile on the Virgins.  They are nice, sensible sorts… smiling, bright-eyed, and polite creatures to have around, in no way a threat.  In some indefinable manner, Virgos seem to calm the Pluto spirit - and where Virgos may cause others to feel jumpy, or to feel slightly guilty for not being perfect around them, they have the opposite effect on Scorpio.  In truth, Scorpios often feel strangely loose and relaxed in the presence of Virgo.  It is not small feat to make a Scorp feel 'loose.' 

This is a 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern, blending the Earth and Water elements.  Translated from the symbolic to the real, this means Scorpio will somehow feel that he or she has 'found roots' in an association with Virgo - and the latter will have a strong sense of being enriched in many ways from the Pluto contact.  In some unexpected and unconventional way, Virgo will quietly and unobtrusively help to bring about Scorpio's hopes, wishes, and dreams - also social success, prestige, and standing in the career or community.  Scorpio will open Virgo's mind to many new vistas of thought and progressive theories, bringing to the Virgin an easy communication of ideas.  Relatives of one or the other may either introduce the two of them, or be prominent in some way, at some time, in the association. 

More than any other person (except perhaps Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn), Scorpio can check Virgo's tendency to worry and sulk, with the result that Virgos seem calmer, more tranquil, less restless and jittery around Scorpio.  The two of them do have a distinct beneficial influence on one another, as compared to the eerie (Scorpio) and disquieting (Virgo) effect they each are capable of having on others.  If their Moon Signs or Ascendants should happen to negatively aspect in their mutual charts, there will be, of course, less beneficial influence, more irritation and tension.  However, it will only continue for a brief period under normal circumstances.  Scorpio is not one to suffer silently - or for long - before firmly proposing a change in attitude, and then demanding a dissolution of the association if the change is not forthcoming,

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