lyrics he composed himself to these same kinds of Renaissance rhythms, and playing the same kinds of instruments. 

The Winter earth-magic promise of Spring's return would be a more appropriate them for the Virgo-Sagittarius relationship.  But first, of course, the Archer must bury his bow, and vow never to cause pain to any creature, human or animal (especially Virgos!) with his Jupiter arrows.  Then the Virgin and the Centaur can join hands to sing together the first chorus of the Music of the Spheres with all the whales, eagles, wolves and birds they happen to meet on their path… bringing us all a little closer to the symphony of Peace.  Sagittarian Francesco Bernardone, of Assisi, with his Moon in Virgo, will bless them with the benediction of his smile, and carol along with them… in the key of D-Flat. 

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