forthwith.  Virgos don't linger long either, after they've been disillusioned.  Like the Cheshire cat and old soldiers, both of these people can just fade away, and never return. 

Whether they're thrown together as relatives, siblings, parent and child, friends, or lovers, they have certain traits in common which will open doors of understanding between them.  For example, both Virgo and Scorpio know their individual assets as well as they know their liabilities.  Neither of them will either undersell or oversell himself, or herself.  They each know their own talents and capabilities, without being egotistical over the knowledge.  They're both equally aware of their shortcomings, of the limits of what they may expect from the inner self - and they won't go beyond those limits.  The typical Virgo will never be found passing his or her luck beyond prudence, and the same is true of Scorpio.  When an Eagle takes a big chance, you can be sure that here is one confident Eagle!  (But he will have figured the percentages carefully.)  Scorpios can be wrong now and then, but they're right more often than they miscalculate.  It's a quality Virgo admires and respects.  Being a Mutable Sign, Virgo will neither be envious of, nor will seriously compete with Scorpio - who senses this right away, which is one of the reasons Scorpio can relax with these people, and let down the defense bars this man or woman (or child) uses against other Sun Signs.  There is no need for the Eagle to take excessive self-protective measures with the Virgin (except maybe a pair of earmuffs, for when the nagging starts). 

Virgo will never agree with another Sun Sign's description of the Scorp as ruthless, cold, and dangerous.  This is not the way Virgo sees the Eagle at all.  In Virgo's eyes, the Pluto person is warm, generous, and protective - as well as sympathetic and compassionate.  Nor will Scorpio normally allow anyone to put down Virgo by calling the Virgins picky, fussy, and nervous.  How can this be, when Scorpio is always cooler than usual (and that's pretty cool!), plus more peaceful, when a Virgo friend, relative, or mate is near?  You must be talking about someone else, not Virgo.  Once a tie between these two has been established, the Virgin will usually receive the full force of Pluto's protective powers, and will enjoy as well Scorpio's fierce loyalty, given to those who have earned it.  If anyone tries to harm a Virgo who's already won the devotion of a Scorp, that person is warned to back away while there is still time.  There's something gentle and defenseless about all Virgins, male or female, and when the Scorp sees someone verbally or otherwise preparing to attack or abuse this courteous, helpless soul, the Eagle will step in to turn all the energy of Pluto's power against the attacker, who will seldom fail to retreat - unless it's another Scorpio, with the Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius, who has hurt the Virgo.  (In that case, Virgo should leave town for a few days, rather than get caught in the midst of an exchange of Pluto force between two Scorps, neither of whom will back down until one is declared victor.) 

The less evolved Earthlings born under the sign of the Virgin are sometimes capable of biting sarcasm and bitter verbal expression.  Indeed, an occasional caustic (but cauterizing!) criticism is actually Virgo's one and only, their single, flaw.  But you'll never convince
them of this.  Virgos believe they possess every flaw and defect to man - or woman.  You name it, they'll plead guilty to it.  Yet, even a self-effacing Virgo will seldom go so far as to owning up to a charge of selfishness.  No accusation could be more unjust.  These men and women have a compulsion to serve, in one way or another, every Earthling who crosses their path.  Unselfishness is engraved upon the very heart and soul of Virgo - these sometimes cranky, but more often polite and always willing-to-be-helpful people who bring their graceful and gracious ways to bless our troubles. 

If I were you, I wouldn't ever dare to call them 'selfish' within the hearing of a Scorpio who has experienced the gentle devotion of a Virgo over the years.  That would be an extremely unwise thing to do. 

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