metaphysically knowledgeable) then blew the precise note on the Ram's horn, the combination of the marching feet vibrations with the individual 'sound' of the wall structure itself, caused the walls of Jericho to respond, and to 'come tumbling down,' right on schedule.  Sound itself, alone, (and the energy) to actually move huge stones or rocks.  This is the buried-in-ancient-mystery, esoteric truth behind the legendary Open Sesame and Abracadabra chants  (although they've been passed down to us in distorted form, no longer purely precise).  So now you know how those immense boulders were levitated to build the Great Pyramid of Giza!  Musically and melodiously, under the direction of Osiris.  (Not Cheops - he came later, and did a bit of creative plagiarizing for the great Osiris.) 

Virgos will be fascinated by the exactitudes and preciseness of this musical wisdom of metaphysics (contained in the Great Mystery of
The Music of the Spheres) and Sag will be excited about all the possibilities of application to Jupiter ideals.  The Archer might ask the Virgin - "Since everything has it's own 'key,' what do you suppose is the Earth's key?"  If Virgo doesn't know, the Archer may safely answer "D-Flat."  Then, of course, Virgo will insist that Sag prove it.  Virgos are quite critical of generalized statements, and they sternly disapprove of any form of exaggeration.  Exaggeration being one of the many Sagittarian talents (the Archer's ruling planet, Jupiter, is astrologically synonymous with expansion), if Sag wants to impress Virgo, he (or she) must always be prepared to back up any sweeping Jupiter statements with substantial, factual proof.  Yet, in contradiction, the Centaurs are also compulsively truthful, because Sagittarius is one of those exasperating ' double' Sun Signs of duality.  Half-horse, half-human.  It's the human end that's truthful, the Horse end that sometimes stretches the truth a little.  So it's important to know which end of the Sagittarian Centaur you're dealing with at any given time.  Regarding the 'D-Flat' situation, you're dealing with the meticulously truthful and gloriously imaginative human half of Sag.  (No, Virgo, imagination is not inconsistent with truth.  Imagination and Truth are soul mates.  Neither could exist without the other.) 

To give the animal-loving Archers a helping hand with their 'D-Flat' earth-magic lesson to Virgo, here's the proof.  In 1975, on a late November Sagittarian evening, jazz musician Paul Winter had a profound and perfectly marvelous, likewise Sagittarian, Jupiter-inspired idea.  He trudged high into a Sierra Nevada wildlife research center with his alto sax, and improvised a bluesy wail.  At first curiously silent, after a time, some lady timber wolves began to sing along.  Their howls harmonized with and matched perfectly the length and shape of Winter's musical notes, creating the most thrilling duet he ever played.  Originally inspired by a recording of the humpback whale songs, Winter has since played concerts for - and in harmony with - all sorts of animals, who match the notes, the tones and the rhythms of his sax precisely, never missing a beat or half note.  Once, off British Columbia, Paul played a concert for whales - and to everyone's astonishment, they stuck their heads out of the water, and gathered in a circle to listen, as the Green Peace people watched in happy amazement.  His moonlight duets with animals have even interested stuffy scientists, who were first stodgy, then amused, but are now finally beginning to think Winter has given them the 'key' (pardon the Jupiter pun) to how animals communicate - migrate, mate and form packs. 

Jazzman Winter's new album features an 'eight member family' of instruments dating back to the Renaissance.  Titled
Common Ground, the album contains several melodies with choruses sung by wolves, whales - and even an eagle!  They're all in the key of D-Flat, the only one the animals will harmonize with, you see, which causes Winter (and any meditative person) to conclude that D-Flat is the 'key of the Earth.'  Fastidious Virgos may be slightly offended (or embarrassed) but the fun-loving Centaurs will enjoy learning that the album was taped in a stable at Winter's farm, where bed sheets were hung from the ceiling, not for acoustical reasons, but to keep the bat droppings out of he harpsichord. 

Now that Sag has brought some magical Earth knowledge to Virgo, and backed it up with proof, the Virgins, we trust, will be in the future,

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