to catch someone snooping in their diaries, sock drawers or private thoughts - until and unless they choose to share their secrets.  But now and them, the ultra-sensitive Scorpio man or woman will take offence at Capricorn's refusal to be curious, and interpret it as a lack of interest - which is exactly what it is. 

The Goat's lack of interest, however, is not synonymous with a lack of caring.  Yet, with Scorpio, a lack of interest
does indicates a lack of caring, for Scorpios are curious only when they care about something, and when they don't care, that thing or person becomes invisible to them.  The problem with Scorpio curiosity is that the Eagles tend to stretch it into suspicion.  They tell themselves that a little suspicion is a healthy thing, a protection against those who take advantage of the gullible.  But suspicion has its negative side too, and can cause Scorpio to suffer many groundless fears.  Capricorns, on the other hand, have no need to trouble themselves with undue suspicion, because the Saturnine caution accomplishes the same self-protective purpose with much less wear and tear on the nervous system. 

For all their uneasy suspicions, Scorpios are metaphysically and religiously driven; therefore, they believe intensely in the power of faith over all manner of failure (even when they don't openly admit such faith), and this is a major difference between the Pluto-ruled Scorps and the Saturn-restricted Cappies.  "If you really want it," preaches the Eagle to the Goat, "believe you'll attain it, and you surely will."  But Capricorn remains unseduced, unmoved, and replies with one of Saturn's own religious beatitudes:  "Blessed are they who expects nothing," preaches Cappy, "for they shall not be disappointed." 

Sometimes the philosophical debates between these two do somewhat resemble a church service on a gloomy Sunday, with inspired Scorpio giving the sermon and practical Capricorn passing the collection plate.  Yet they're both soul-softened by the sound of the choir and the organ, even when they're singing from different hymnals.  Music has a way of filling the space between their attitudes, because music speaks the language they both hear in their hearts but are unable to express in words, and they should not allow themselves to live without its blessing.  The finest stereo available would be a sound happiness and harmony investment for this Sun Sign combination.  To the Eagle and the Goat:  Don't wait for a sale.  Buy it now - and never mind the cost. 

Never mind the cost??!!  Just look at them.  Scorpio is frowning, and Capricorn has turned pale.  You see?  There are some things these two have in common. 

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