continues the Goat sternly, "looking for something you can't even identify is a sinful waste of time.  You could be accomplishing something worthwhile with all that energy.  I can learn more of real value by following a definite plan than by spinning my wheels as you do, with no sense of direction.  I'm not poky.  And I'm not stuffy.  In fact, I intend to travel to Europe next year to study art.  But I know why I'm going, where I'm going, how much it's going to cost - and I have no illusions about what's over there waiting for me.  I'm not going to stop in Rome, toss three coins into the Trevi fountain, and make a wish."  Not all, but most Capricorns are symbolically (sometimes it seems even literally), firmly centered on the Earth.  A few of them are so firmly centered they give the impression that if they stood too long in one place, they'd root in the ground and become ivy, twining their tough tendrils round their ancestral homes for centuries. 

The controversial patters of Goats and Archers don't always mix and match.  The occasional quiet, introverted Sagittarians, who are more contemplative types, get along rather well with Capricorns in an average chat together, but most Sagittarians like to talk with more gusto.  They're continually asking questions, like friendly puppies, always wanting to know the how and where and why of everything.  At first, Cappy won't mind answering the questions.  It pleases these sedate souls to impart wisdom to others, but when it becomes obvious after a while that all the Saturn wisdom imparted is being ignored by the independent Sag, the Goat will consider it all a game - and Capricorns don't enjoy wasting valuable time on games.  Sag may complain that Cappy is too quiet, and never opens up - Capricorns may complain the Archer is never still, and won't listen. 

That's what happens now and then, when idealism and seeking conflict with wisdom and caution.  Yet, what would idealism be without wisdom to temper it - or seeking be without caution to guide it?  "Scattered," growls the Goat.  "More exciting!" retorts the Archer.  And so it goes.  If the Goats would climb down from that high cliff of know-it-all, and the Archers would stifle their rashness and season their sauce with a little experience, they'd both see what glorious attainment might be possible by blending than out of shape through constant through constant controversy.  What the two of them need is a Lion to give them a good lecture, a Ram to demand that they stop fussing, a Libra to listen sympathetically and fairly to both sides of their complaints, and perhaps a Pisces to teach both of them some much needed lessons in humility.  Neither counts humility as a great virtue.  Sagittarius barely understands the word, and Capricorn only
appears to be humble.  Beneath the apparent Saturnine self-effacement is a certain ingrained sureness on every subject, except perhaps - personal worth.  In this area, Cappy can sometimes feel touchingly insecure. 

On the positive side of the strict Saturn ledger of accountability in human relationships, the Goat will shyly, if nonverbally, admire and respect the Archer's unquenchable faith - and Sagittarius will know in his (or her) heart-of-hearts that Cappy is right about looking before soaring.  The good Lord knows the Archer has flown into the clouds spontaneously, then fallen to the ground with a thud, enough times to appreciate the Goat's common-sense counsel of waiting a bit to test an idea or an impulse before aiming the bow and arrow. 

These two are usually miles apart in their viewpoints concerning money.  I'm always prepared to find the exception that proves the rule, but so far, at least, I've yet to meet a Capricorn who doesn't have a savings account, including the youngsters.  Many Goats have more than one, in several banks.  Sagittarius prefers a personal chequeing account as a place to sock cash, and there's seldom enough of the stuff left over to save.  If you know an accountant, a CPA, or a banker who's a Sag, either that person was adopted, or the Moon Sign or Ascendant will be in an Earth Sign.  True, Archers are bright, and they can be quick with figures, but they can be quicker with  spending them than with saving.  There may be a few nontypical Sagittarians who have savings accounts, but even with these, the withdrawals will normally exceed the deposits.  Those Archers with the Moon in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn - or the Ascendant in one

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