ability to bring peace into one another's minds and hearts.  Both hope and optimism spring eternal in the Venus breast.  Sentimental Librans think in terms of poetry, art, and music… and so their thoughts have wings, with the power to fly them into ever higher heavens from the darkest hells.  Although these people judge themselves harshly, with no allowance for plea bargaining, they won't impose their sense of morality on others. 

Libra sternly pronounces the judgment of Truth and Justice, then is counseled gently by Venus to suspend the sentence - to grant to the contrite accused and to the sorrowful guilty their freedom - and another chance… bringing the faint-hearted someone's compassionate words. 
Judge not, that ye be not also judged.  That's how Libra's scales measure human frailty and mortal yearnings - when they're balanced. 

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