good indeed.  Once Leo has taught Virgo that he (or she) will simply not be nagged and constantly criticized - once Virgo has taught Leo that a Virgin has no intention of becoming a slave to his (or her) arrogant demands and whims - there can be a warm and vibrant communication between these two, which is a magical thing.  Magical because Virgo is what astrology calls a 'human' Sun Sign, symbolized by the Virgin, gathering in the harvest, and Leo is what astrology calls a 'bestial' Sun Sign, symbolized by the fearless ruler of the jungle, the Lion (or his mate, the sensuous, equally as confident Lioness).  Symbolically or literally, it's never easy for a human and an animal to truly communicate, yet when they do, one is reminded of places like Eden… or the woods walked so joyfully by Saint Francis of Assisi, accompanied by the wolves and birds and lambs… and all manner of animals who trusted him. 

As dramatic and effusive and flamboyant as Leos can be, they're also very capable and level-headed organizers.  Except for those times when their Leonine pride and vanity get in the way, Leos have an amazing store of common sense.  Practical Virgo privately admires this, but must get into the habit of
saying so to Leo.  Just as Leo approves of, and is pleased by, Virgo's sincere effort to quietly do the very best he (or she) can, often under tense and demanding conditions, yet too seldom pays the Virgin the compliments of honest appreciation for being so sensible and reliable most of the time (at least, more often than lots of other people Leo relies on, only to be disappointed). 

In attempting to analyze the Leo-Virgo association, a stream of dissociated images flickers across my memory screen, in no logical or chronological progression… a small, dark-eyed Virgo child named Gary, patiently and uncomplainingly standing for an endless time, wordlessly humiliated at being forced into a bunny-rabbit suit, with huge, floppy ears, on Halloween, stuffed into it by his more forceful, commanding big brothers, one an Aries Fire Sign, the other a strong Lion - but at the last minute, the docile little Virgo balked, and refused to take one step out of his bedroom, dressed so foolishly… a proud Leo father, in a small western American town, reading with tears in his eyes, a gentle verse, a poem written in tribute to him by his Virgo son, who had been away for too many painful years - yet, when the boy came home, the Lion's tears were soon forgotten, as he arrogantly dictated his son's every movement, demanding strict obedience, never once expressing affection or appreciation to him - while the Virgo forgot the sensitive poetry he had written in genuine praise of his father, seeing only Leo's vanity and arrogance, stubbornly refusing to recognize the unexpressed love and warm-hearted concern behind his Dad's stern commands and expectations of him… Leo film star Mae West giving a press interview about a Virgo man she knew well, who had been for years a tender, helpful friend - spending the entire thirty minutes allotted to the reporter talking exclusively about herself, as Lionesses often do, her absolute unawareness of her own self-absorption somehow both amusing and endearing… the inexpressible tenderness in the eyes of a Lion in West Virginia when he looks at his bright and gentle, beautiful Virgo wife, who brought into his life a fresh promise of Indian summer and a new reason to live - after he'd lost two former wives in succession to the same crippling disease, following decades of a heavy Karma, dilled with weary duty, courageously met with Leo's loyal, unswerving devotion to the helpless… his reward the song her quiet Virgo love now sings to his great Lion's heart, which hadn't dared to hope for love again, until she came, lingering in the air like a miracle set to music. 

Fragments of images, small bits and pieces, spinning around the astrological wheel of Life, coloured by Leo's brilliant, sunny, yellow-gold and royal purple… blending with Virgo's pure, sparkling white, tranquil blue, and the deeper green of scented woods.  As with all Sun Signs, the shades of their auras contain the harmonies that shape their destinies. 

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