basic respect for money.  So it might be better if they took turns handling the income and the outgo.  The Neptunian attitude toward most anything is intuitive rather than rational.  This will invariably frustrate the Sun-ruled Leo, to whom rationality is the only sensible foundation for all opinion and action.  It's a rough spot.  And there are others.  The accomplishment of smooth routine comes naturally to Leo, the sign of the Fixed Organiser.  To Pisces, however, the order and discipline necessary for successful organisation does not come naturally. 

A Fish can infuriate a Lion by finding correct answers in a situation which appears to be a total mess to Leo.  The same rule may be applied to messy chequebook stubs, messy desks, and messy houses.  Perhaps we should use the word 'confused' instead of messy.  Leo likes a place for everything and everything in its place.  Pisces believes that a lifetime spent neatly organising every item and every hour into a rigid system is a lifetime wasted.  The Fish always feels more relaxed when the surroundings are comfortably chaotic and somewhat disordered, not too neat, thank you. 

It's seldom that a Piscean will fight confrontation with real aggression.  Neptune men and women drown in hidden insecurity.  Those types mentioned earlier with some positive vibration in the horoscope, like Mars or the Moon in Aries, may ride the waves of outrageous fortune or unjust treatment for a while.  But even these will eventually swim away to calmer bays and inlets.  Escape will inevitably be the end solution, the final action.  Fish are hard to pin down.  Neptune, among other things, rules gas, impossible to confine when it seeks release. 

Astrology whispers of Piscean Fish who become devouring Whales.  This is true.  There are some unaccountable Neptune mutations.  But even the rare Whale-type Fish who devours an occasional Crab or Virgin will find it impossible to pull the Jonah act with Leo.  Either the Lion emerges triumphant - or the Fish swims away.  Although the general impression of Pisces is elusive, the Big Cats are adept at stalking creatures who think they are safely out of reach… until an unexpected Leonine paw suddenly pins them to the ground.  The end of any serious clash between Leo and Pisces is predictable. 

Lions who wish to live harmoniously and peacefully with Fish must help them find a way to blend the Neptune duality, tenderly console them, apply soothing balm to their emotional insecurities, and lead them gently out of the foggy mists where they daydream into the sunlight of truth and reality.  You see how wise the stars are?  As I said in the beginning, the Lion will be the leader in the relationship, and that's the way it works out best for both sides.  Pisces needs a strong paw to grip, a hand to hold, while walking though the deep woods of life, lest some unseen danger lurking in the underbrush should leap out to lunge without warning.  And who is stronger in the face of danger than the Lion?  Leo protects.  Pisces admires… with touching gratitude.  And isn't it a lovely day?  If it doesn't rain.  If it does rain, the spiritually mature Fish can teach Leo how to avoid getting drenched in life's unexpected cloudbursts.  After all, one good turn deserves another. 

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