I believe the Old Man Saturn handled the channeling of words in this chapter quite sensibly, if a bit, stuffily, don't you?  We should thank him, perhaps even give him a bear hug… because, like Capricorn men, women, and children he rules, although Saturn tends to turn away from praise with a shy blush of embarrassment, his quiet heart pounds faster, and nearly bursts with silent joy, when it's blessed by honest and affectionate appreciation. 

Yes, planets can blush too, just little human Goats.  Notice Saturn in the sky tonight, and see if that ancient star doesn't seem to be twinkling a little more brightly than usual, it's icy-blue glitter tinged with the faintest shade of pink - for love.  Venus isn't the only star to wish on, you know.  Make a wish on Saturn.  It may take a longer time of waiting and soul-testing to come true, but when it does, the happiness will last… and last… and last. 

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