them followed home.  But, being a Capricorn, he was, of course, aware that one does not so behave thus improperly at a social function.  It would be against the rules. 

The Twin Mercury gifts of charm and glibness make the typical Gemini an expert Lion trainer, cleverly cajoling Leo to docilely jump through his (or her) double hoops.  For example, Leo might ask Gemini, "What am I really like?  I mean, how do I appear to people?" 

And Gemini will answer, "Well, you're incredibly egotistical and arrogant.  But you're also open-minded, friendly and generous."  (With Leos, you let them have the painful truth near the beginning, then quickly slam in a compliment at the close.)  But the Lion or Lionesses may persist, stroking his (or her) vanity and demanding, "Do others see my virtues as clearly as you?  If so, why are they always underestimating me?" 

Gemini replies, "Of course they do.  Everyone knows you're a fantastic person, a little conceited, and stuffed full of yourself, but you're a terrific organizer.  It's obvious that you have a wiser head and cooler emotions than the average person.  Anyone who doesn't give you credit for it is jealous, and not worth concerning yourself about." 

You see how it works?  When you're conversing with a Lion, you sandwich the cold facts in between thick slices of warm flattery.  There's a Mercurial technique to it - like, grovel while you're leveling with them. 

Actually, Leos
are excellent organizers, expert at delegating authority, and Fixed enough to wait out with composure the final success of their grandiose schemes and promotions.  But they may not show as much patience with Gemini's changeability.  The Big Cats can become indignant over the Twins' tendency to speed through life, discarding former convictions like yesterday's newspaper, tossing away homes and jobs and friends with minor flaws, too soon, with absolutely no reflective retrospection, but simply dashing off blithely to the next fascinating interest.  To the loyal, more languid Lion or Lioness, fast is not always best, or right.  Then Leo will feel obliged to enlighten Gemini with one of those regal Leonine lectures. 

"You're pretty good at dabbling in the dairy and skimming off the surface cream, but it's always turning sour on you.  The mental sharpness you think is so great cuts a lot of large holes in your common sense, and they'll trip you up when you least expect it.  Someday you'll thank me for warning you." 

Leos, the eternal Big Brothers and Sisters, are unable to resist predicting that the people they benevolently guided are going to want to look them up someday and seek them out to thank them for their unsolicited pearls of wisdom.  As if Gemini had time to stop and make out a list of such obligations.  The Mercury Birds are too busy selling that sour cream as buttermilk.  As for the holes Leo cautioned them about, Geminis will simply leap out of them, land on their feet, and skate across the same thin ice again, while Leo pouts and asks petulantly, "Don't you ever
get caught?" 

Well, yes, sometimes Geminis do get caught by their own cleverness.  But why worry, when the brave King (or Queen) will pull them out in a splendid, technicolour, last-minute rescue?  Then Leo will blush and bow (modestly) as Gemini sings Leo's favourite lyrics of flattery.  "Boy!  You sure were right about everything you said.  Thanks for warning me in time.  I don't know what I'd do without you," cry the Twins, quite probably sincerely, who have now managed to have their cake and eat it too (royal protection - plus freedom). 

"It was nothing," modestly replies the Lion or Lioness, purring and rolling over happily in the catnip of Gemini charm.  "It's the duty of the stronger and wiser to protect the weak and foolish from the folly of their ways.  Just remember in the future to do as I tell you, and you'll stay out of trouble." 

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