world, he is as capable of love and devotion as any person.  He needs to be able to remember his capacity to love, and also to remember that loving another person means recognizing them, not just guiding them.  The Father - whether the figure appears in a man's or a woman's psyche - is in his positive form the one who offers support, guidance, wisdom, training in the ways of the world.  The Father in his negative form offers support only if you're prepared to take his advice; he offers guidance only if you accept his views in toto; he offers wisdom only if you recognize no other source for it; and he trains in the ways of the world according to his own image of the world.  This kind of Father withholds love if there is no obedience.  The root of it is the intense emotional drive which Capricorn so often represses, and which eventually begins to eat away at his usually reasonable thinking processes, making him blind just as he begins to have sight.  The more the goat can express his powerful emotional needs in human relationships, the less likely they are to muddle up his vision.  And the more he allows himself to relax sometimes, the more he can see that less-disciplined souls are no less worth, but often hold the key to joy in life that he himself may have missed.  Then you have a really mellow goat, who can dance as well as climb. 

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