Ah… but the evolved, the emotionally mature, mentally perceptive, and spiritually aware Crabs and Eagles will discover all the joys and pure pleasures of the 5-9 Pattern, feeling and behaving very much like children together - and what could be more wonderful than submission to innocence, excitement and faith in faeries?  This can really be a rainbow kind of relationship, where every small or large misunderstanding is certain to be resolved and forgiven later.  Crabs and Scorps don't forgive many people - but they will forgive one another.  What is even lovelier, if the Sun-Moon aspect between their birth charts is also harmonious, matching the music of their trined, natal Suns, they'll not only forgive - they'll forget.  And that's a true miracle for the Crab and the Scorpion.  They can, if they only half try, bring out he best, not the worst, in each other.  The trust Cancer has never been able to fully give to anyone will be easily given to Scorpio - and the great gift of forgiveness that Scorpio has never quite been able to give to another person will be painlessly given to the compatible Crab.  Cancer and Scorpio, both extremely sensitive, are willing to reveal their vulnerabilities to each other.  This is no small matter, for they've both kept their terrible vulnerability hidden beneath their shells for so long, lest the world discover it as a weakness and use it against them. 

They tell each other secrets they would ordinarily never tell a soul.  No one can pry a secret out of a Crab, if he or she doesn't want it known, but the Eagle just may - and the gentle Moon-ruled Cancerian can sometimes perform the magic trick of accurately reading Scorpio's facial expression of cool detachment for what it really is - a mask.  They're both more than a little telepathic, particularly with one another. 

When their purposes do clash, it will frequently be over money, because Scorpio is concerned with 'other people's money,' and Cancer is concerned with - well, with just plain money, never mind whose, just so it's green.  Scorpio tends to worry over how to obtain it, Cancer over the dreadful possibility of losing it. 

Since all Crabs, of whatever age or sex, as explained in my first book,
Sun Signs, are 'Jewish mothers' - and all Eagles, of whatever age or sex, are fiercely, intensely protective - these two will wrap one another in a very comforting cocoon, which could become a little stuffy unless they allow themselves to come out for air now and then.  But oh! - that feeling of security.  Beautiful.  Scorpio can at times be too self-controlled for Cancer's affectionate nature, and the Crab will sometimes snap at Scorpio, ruffling those smooth Eagle feathers, but these are minor tensions with which to cope when the rewards are so solid.  After swimming for what has seemed to be eternities, in endless whirlpools of infinitude… to be brought together with one who so gently understands your heart's deepest longings… is a blessed thing. 

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