philosophical - the Horse end (which is the rear end of Sag) is equally stubborn, contrary, unpredictable… and amazingly swift at racing away from problems.  Also liable to kick dangerously when freedom is threatened. 

Since the Crabs really can't help their inbred trait of possessiveness (which, used in a positive way, can be a warm and cozy virtue of solicitous protectiveness) they'll have to be cautious that they don't unintentionally smother the freedom of the Archers, who need large gobs of it in order to be themselves.  (Freedom, that is - not smothering.)  Of course, Crabs are naturally cautious by instinct, so all they need to do is apply some of their natural Sun Sign caution to being careful not to stifle the free expression and action of Sag.  If Cancer can manage to do this - and if the Archers will occasionally at least count to ten or twenty before stuffing their feet in their mouths (hammering on the Crab's sensitive feelings with blunt observations) these two can have a rather jolly time of it together. 

In some way, Sagittarius will end up by serving the Cancerian, by being helpful - because the Archers sense some mystery within the Moon-ruled Crabs they're anxious to solve.  Sagittarian curiosity being the burning it is, there will always be something to keep Sag fascinated.  And interested in hanging around Cancer's seashore, beneath the Full Moon, watching the tides flow in and out… in-between a few laps around the track when the Centaurs become restless and need some time alone to race against the wind, nearly always winning by a nose.  And this fascinates the Crabs. 

With Jupiter's benign and benevolent good humour, Sag adores playing practical jokes on people, but Cancer may sometimes miss the point.  Then the Archer will give the Crab a gentle nudge… and finally the Lunar one will laugh, until he (or she) cries.  Not over the joke alone.  But because Cancer is deeply moved by he naivete and idealism of the brave and optimistic Sagittarian, who keeps clumsily falling, then picking himself up with a bright smile… to try once more to reach the winner's circle.  Those times when Jupiter allows the Centaur to be victorious, the happy, generous Archer will probably trot right back to the seaside, and offer to share half the good fortune with the Cancerian friend or relative, stuffing the Crab's pockets again with childlike glee.  Jupiter rules the huge, the expansive, and sometimes only a Crab really knows how large a Jupiter heart can be.  Someday, somehow, Sagittarius will teach Cancer the beautiful rewards of giving, cheerfully guiding the inwardly timid, fearful Crabs toward the Sagittarian religion of truth.  Then there shall be no more sadness and sighing… "for God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."  How can you cry when you're laughing at the courageous Archer's latest endearing clumsiness? 

I'll sear your palm with an eternal scar
so all the canny Cassandras will whisper

"Ah!  There goes one of he lost!

he has been visited by a vagrant solitaire
singing a moonlight sonata
he has been wheedled by a will-o'-the-wisp
from the midnight moors
he has been kissed by a flickering firefly
brushed by the touch of a wild gypsy spell
he has heard the cry of the loon

…he has been loved"

(Venus Trines at Midnight by Linda Goodman)

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