we give them more choice over their own selves.  The symbolism of Peter Pan and his shadow was intended by author James Barrie to be far deeper than simply an amusing bedtime story. 

None of the multi-dimensional entities, of course, have any power whatsoever without the Sun - and beyond that - ever greater Lights.  Otherwise, all beings, of
whatever dimensional awareness level, are helpless puppets.  Including us.  Praise Brother Sun!  Likewise are our powerful Fourth Dimensional Supra-Conscious selves totally dependent for their power to 'cast the shadows of us' upon even more brilliant Light than our Sun.  No bright, dancing colours would be created by prisms or crystals without Light.  In darkness, there are no rainbows.  In darkness, stained glass windows are dreary and lifeless.  There are no reflections.  In effect, be kind to your shadow.  It needs you.  You are its Creator.  What you do and think, it also does and think.  Well, Virgo and Capricorn, can you prove that shadows don't think?  Believe me, you may not pay constant conscious attention to your shadow, but you'd be lost and drifting, with no Saturnine or Virgo responsibility, were you to be without your shadow.  You would miss it dreadfully.  Because, to live without your shadow would be to live in darkness.  Now you understand why Peter Pan was so upset when he lost his shadow.  And wasn't it nice and kind of Wendy to sew it on for him, attach it so he'd never lose it?  Wendy was a Cancerian, but sewing Peter's shadow to him, so it would be safe, was such a practical idea, she clearly must have had a Virgo Ascendant and the Moon in Capricorn. 

As for trying to imagine what a fifth or say, a seventh dimensional being would look like, I believe you won't go far wrong if you image the seventh dimensional 'being' as looking and behaving quite like Capricorn.  Stern, but loving.  Wise.  Patient and quiet, stable, dependable, and reliable.  (But also more than a trifle stubborn.)  Like most all Goats.  The fifth dimensional 'being' or entity strongly resembles Virgo.  Stern, but loving.  Wise.  Patient and quiet, stable, dependable, and reliable.  (But also a little critical, cranky and restless.)  Now you know what the higher dimensional 'angels' look like.  A Goat and a Virgin.  At least when you step off the escalator on the 5th and 7th floor levels.  We may not know a whole lot more than when we began, but I told you I couldn't explain it all in detail.  Just generally… 

Virgos intensely dislike generalities.  They are refined men and women, with alert minds, acute perceptions and an exquisite sense of discrimination.  They analyze every feeling, then say they're not that way at all.  (That's because they're analyzing your analysis of them.)  The Goats find no wrong in Virgo's attitude.  It seems sensibly cautious to Capricorn that Virgos should devote the time and trouble to take clocks and problems and people apart to make sure the works are in good shape before they 'buy' the clock, solve the problem or decide to be friends with the person.  Both Virgo and Capricorn have a certain sweetness and gentleness about them, a shy and reserved manner that seems to quietly draw them together.  There will be times when Cappy thinks Virgo worries too much, talk things over to excess.  There may be times when Virgo thinks Cappy is too stubborn and set in his (or her) ways, refusing to compromise or submit to the excitement of mental stimulation.  Nevertheless, these two are far more alike than they are different, far more compatible than not.  Their association is graced by the sympathetic 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, making it easier to relate and to forgive each other's mistakes. 

Every Capricorn projects a singular kind of detachment.  When an obstacle appears, the Goats just step over it and climb steadily on their way to the top of their goals.  That's what makes Saturn-ruled people sometimes appear to be cold and unsympathetic - their lack of outward emotional response to stress and strain.  They consider unnecessary displays of emotion to be wasteful and extremely non-productive.  Most Sun Signs are unable to comprehend such an attitude, and so mistakenly interpret it as cruelty or at the very least, a lack of warmth.  Yet a Virgo, will instinctively know that Cappy is truly brokenhearted beneath Saturn's iron curtain of composure, and the Goats are pathetically grateful for the Virgin's compassion. 

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