Yes, the fifth and seventh dimensions of awareness have much in common.  For one thing, 5 and 7 are 'odd' numbers, not 'even.'  There's an implied isolation about being 'odd,' whereas the 'even' people are more adaptable.  Virgins and the Goats are lighthearted when they're together, because they know each other's secrets.  They trust their private selves with one another, and this allows them to laugh and weep together, to share the kind of excitement, daydreams and rich experiences only Earth Signs can fully enjoy.  Deep down within the Earth lie veins of pure gold, waiting to be discovered - just as deep down within the quiet hearts of Virgo and Capricorn lie veins of pure golden wisdom, far more beautiful than any metal ever mined - for those who are patient, and know where to look. 

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