pros and cons.  Libra's Scales will swing back and forth, trying to sort out all the arguments for and against, to achieve a fair balance - and Pisces will help by adding first a sprinkling of the viewpoint to one tray, then a sprinkling of that to the other tray, assisting the Libran friend, business associate, relative, lover or mate in the task of arriving at a decision.  They may begin the religious-spiritual-vegetarian discussion on Thursday next, but they may not finish it until a considerable length of time later. 

Meanwhile, while they're arguing (discussing) the issue, Libra will win a few strategic points by flashing the dimpled Venus smile, Pisces will make carob fudge balls to renew their energies, serve them to Libra on a delicate, hand-painted china plate, with sky-blue napkin - and everything will be smooth and harmonious, gentle and soft-spoken.  Unless some Taurean friend of the Fish happens to drop by, and innocently suggests that everybody take a break and go out for a steak.  The Bull will back off (it takes a lot to cause a bull to back off) when he sees the shock on the faces of Pisces and Libra.  Then Libra will laser Taurus with a Venus grin, the Fish will sweetly offer the Bull a carob fudge ball - and what do you want to bet that, between them, Pisces and Libra will soon be baptizing a new convert? 

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