One of the things responsible for such a decision is that Libra notices rather quickly the willingness of the Fish to serve Libra in some way.  Not necessarily as a butler, a maid, or a footman, but in some subtle manner, the Pisces will provide a 'service' to Libra people, whether actual and tangible, or subtle and invisible.  It is distinctly felt - and it's always needed.  The 'service' syndrome is even stronger between Pisces and Libra than with the other 6-8 combinations, for the simple reason that Pisces, even without the 6-8 influence, is inclined to provide a helpful service to
all Sun Signs.  When the Fish meets Libra, therefore, representing as they do the 6th astrological house to the Venus people, and representing also humility and submission to generally everyone, the tendency to be a helpful and beneficent force in Libra's life is strengthened.  But unfortunately, the tendency for a bit of masochism may creep in too - for obvious reasons.  Too much of a good thing, you know?  And so the Fish must be on guard with the normally kind and fair Librans, lest Libra (unconsciously) takes advantage of this double 'service' vibration and keeps the poor Fish swimming around in circles, making Libra's existence a great deal more pleasant and easier perhaps, but ending up on the short end of the wishbone.  As I recall, the short end of the wishbone doesn't grant your wish.  The one who gets the long end received first dibs on his (or her) wish, while the one with the short end gets married first. 

That isn't fair.  Because Libra, not Pisces, is the one who has the burning desire to marry, and balance his or her life with that of another.  In fact, Librans rhyme so melodiously with orange blossoms and Lohengrin's 'Wedding March' that they suffer from tipped Scales and severe depression if they're forced to live alone for uncommonly long periods.  On the other hand, marriage is usually something the typical Fish view as a dangerous, glittering hook to stifle freedom, and they either successfully avoid it - or if not, then manage to slip in and out of the marital net each time they're hooked.  Many Pisceans are either unmarried meditative loners (by choice, because both the girl and the boy Fish are alluring to the opposite sex) or instead chalk up an amazing number of multiple ventures into matrimonial waters.  It's a rare Piscean who marries only once.  They exist, naturally, but they're like the exotic 'Butterfly Velvet Crimson' species of Nature Fish, as compared to the minnows and trout.  Relatively speaking, a once-in-a-lifetime wed Fish is an uncommon as a once-in-a-lifetime wed Gemini.  To repeat, so as not to hurt those Pisceans who are happily and permanently wed - it happens, but not often. 

So here they are, both of them disappointed.  Pisces got the short end of the wishbone, Libra got the long end - so it's Pisces who's going to be the
first one married, which is probably the last thing Pisces wants.  And it's likely what Libra wished for, but although Libra gets the wish, it won't be first, you see.  Libra will have to wait a while longer.  Oh, fudge!  (Libra is frustrated at having tugged so hard, therefore getting the longer end.)  It serves them both right, because neither of them should have been fooling around with a wishbone anyway, since chickens were not placed on the planet for humans to eat.  Seeds, nuts, herbs, grains, fruits and vegetables are all for eating.  Fish, fowl, birds, and animals are not.  So it's karmic justice.  Although we're being somewhat light, astrology is serious in counseling against the eating of flesh.  But matters of sincere concern and serious disagreement will never be solved by everyone crossly scowling at one another.  They are better broached with the combination of Piscean compassion, a Libra smile or two, a dash of humour (and maybe a pinch of Aries directness). 

The vegetarian controversy is one of the topics these two might choose, now that we've introduced it as a conflict, to become the subject of their next argument (that is, discussion) on Thursday next.  It's the perfect platform for this debating team.  Pisces can talk about the religious aspects of it, while Libra plays Judge and weighs of the Libra Scales the moral right of fish and fowl, birds and animals to exist without being forced to become part of the food chain, since they aren't necessary to human nutrition.  It will be a heavy issue for them to handle.  He Piscean religious viewpoint alone contains multiple facets, a dozen controversial

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