children, animals, higher education, travel to foreign lands, religion, philosophy and the arts.  Their Suns are trined, and this gives them intertwined dreams and ideals, regardless of any personal differences they may have from time to time. 

Whether the Water Bearer admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the fact that Libra always tries hard to be fair and impartial.  Whether the Libra admits it or not, he (or she) recognizes and respects the Aquarian quality of tolerance and the Uranian humanitarian goals.  The inescapable admiration and respect are always there between them, even when all that air is being blown around in an intellectual confrontation.  The basic compatibility is strong and good, for these two understand each other's motives, however often they may heatedly try to deny it. 

There may be occasions when the delicate balance of Libra's Scales is temporarily upset by the eccentric behaviour of the Uranus-ruled person.  Aquarians tend to behave in an extremely emotional manner when they're angry, and at such times Libra can actually become physically ill from the tension.  Venus people require harmony, and tension can affect their nerves to a marked degree.  There may be other times when Libra's tendency to always look at both sides of a question will seem like disloyalty to Aquarians, who believe, as I've already mentioned, that there is only one side - their own.  The opinions of a Fixed Sign are, quite naturally perhaps, more fixed than flexible.  Aquarians are truly totally unprejudiced and tolerant,
except when it comes to a personal, emotional confrontation. 

Most Librans, except for those who have heavy afflictions to the natal Sun in their horoscopes, influenced as they are by the gentle planet Venus, possess what Hemingway called 'grace under pressure.'  This will come in handy when Aquarius unpredictably blows a Uranus fuse, for the Water Bearers are susceptible to electrical impulses from the cosmos, and whatever they do, they're likely to do it impulsively and suddenly.  The Libra person often brings on the very problems he (or she) wants to avoid by not leaving well enough alone.  After a typical electrical outburst of eccentric behaviour, Aquarians normally disappear, and refuse to communicate at all for a period of time.  If they're left alone, they'll eventually forget what it was that troubled them and become their normal crazy, lovable and fascinating selves.  But Libra may keep pressing for an explanation or continue to try to win a decisive victory regarding the disagreement, rather than allowing it to be forgiven and forgotten.  Aquarius can't stand being pinned down for an answer.  It makes them feel like a butterfly caught in a jar, and that's a mighty uncomfortable feeling.  Librans don't mind in the least being pinned down for an answer.  It gives them the golden opportunity to weight the pros against the cons, an exercise they find enormously energizing, as long as everyone remains polite and considerate, and no one starts yelling in an uncouth manner.  Their individual reactions to conflict and controversy constitute an important basic difference between them, but once they've comprehended this, and made allowances for it, Libra and Aquarius can float around a home, a classroom, a laboratory, a space capsule, an office or a barn on the fluffy clouds of mutual cooperation. 

Libra can teach coolness and calm to Aquarius, and the Water Bearer can teach Libra that nothing in this world is black or white, one or the other - everything is grey, a mixture; therefore, tolerance is the only way to balance life on everyone's scales.  Aquarius is the inventor of new ideas; Libra is the architect who designs them for practical use. 

Libran sensibilities are easily offended; yet the human mind has never conceived of anything capable of offending the Aquarian sensibilities.  Absolutely nothing shocks an Aquarian, while any idea, conversation or object that doesn't have flower painted on it in pastel shades will shock Libra's refined tastes.  Being a Water Bearer, and also being deeply concerned about the future of the planet, it's only natural that an Aquarian will become enthusiastic over the sound ecological concept of something like the Mullbank waterless toilet.  The Water Bearer will excitedly point out to Libra that this is the only way to save all the waters

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