Since this 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern (described in detail in the 'Sun Sign Patterns' section in the back of this book) there will be an extravagant amount of communicating on various levels between them, on the side of one or the other of the two, usually both.  Friendships of the really genuine kind are more easily achieved by Leo and Libra than by many others.  Theirs is a sextile vibration, therefore life will present them with a nearly unending stream of opportunities together, in every area of endeavour, personal and otherwise.  Whether or not they grab these opportunities, and what they make of them, will depend upon their individual Moon Signs, and other planetary aspects between their nativities. 

When they join forces, Leo and Libra can achieve almost anything, from a successful love affair or marriage to a sound friendship or business deal.  Heir elements are Air and Fire, and when the former fans the latter into a brighter torch, both benefitů as long as Leo takes care not to consume all the oxygen in the airy mental processes of Libra.  Unpleasant displays of temperament from Leo can cause Libra to eventually float away.  Disharmony of any kind topples those Libra Scales and leaves the Venus-ruled half of the team in a state of depression, a foreign feeling to this normally bright, optimistic, and cheerful Sun Sign.  However, they'll agree in enough matters to make the relationship smooth more often than bumpy.  Both of them share the same sense of outrage over injustice of any kind.  Leo is warm and magnanimous, Libra is fair and impartial.  When they combine this characteristics, few underdogs will be trampled, few 'lost causes' will remain lost.  Underdogs and lost causes have a strange appeal for them both, yet they're more practical than starry-eyed about their idealism, which is probably why they're so successful.  If anyone can turn defeat into victory for an apparent loser, it's Leo and Libra.  They're good people to have on your side when the chips are down.  The Sun-ruled Leo will loyally defend you, the Venus-ruled Libran will pour such soothing balm on your wounds, they'll heal almost instantly. 

It's difficult for Leo to say 'yes' as it is for Libra to say 'no,' which is one reason they get along so well.  I'd better explain that.  The proud Leonine personality of either sex will normally say 'NO!' instead of 'yes' when ordered to do anything.  Kings and Queens were born to give orders, not follow them.  Libra possesses the instinct for knowing exactly how to handle Leo's ego, and therefore turn a roar into a purr with the simple expedient of making it appear that an order is a request.  It's called flattering.  Librans seldom command.  They flatter, cajole and 'suggest' so sweetly and pleasantly Leo never guesses he or she is being manipulated into the very action Libra wants.  Oh, they are mellow, these Librans!  Marvelously mellow. 

Since Libra people abhor the tension caused by responding to the royal commands of a Leo with a flat 'no,' they'll give in with a melodious 'yes' rather than create a quarrel (unless the issue is a burning one), which suits the Big Cats nicely.  Just remember that the Venus trick of pretending not to be bossy when manipulating a situation, and the Venus pattern of responding with a cheerful 'yes' more often than with an angry 'no,' as beautiful as these traits may be, will not prevent Libra from exercising his (or her) birthright to 'discuss' it for a brief period before giving in.  I trust you all understand by now that 'discuss' is a polite Libra word for argue.  But an argument needn't end up in a quarrel, right?  This is just a nice, congenial exchange of ideas.  Leo will be fooled by that subtle strategy more times than you might guess, very seldom realizing that he or she is being maneuvered into just what Libra wants by the technique of flattery and the Venus talent for psyching-out human nature. 

There are times when Libra's continual optimism (Have a nice day!) disturbs other Sun Signs, but the Big Cat's rather enjoy it.  Both of these people reflect the vibrations of masculine, positive Day Forces, so you'll more often find them spreading light and sunshine than glooming around in the darkness.  To some degree, every Lion or Lioness feels a desire to protect the weak and defenseless, and to some degree, every Libran possesses a compelling urge to see justice done.  These closely allied

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