their quetzals at home when they go to church - things like that.  Just a little poise and dignity.  Not too much.  Then they wouldn't be recognizable - and we certainly want them to remain recognizable, because it's hard enough as it is to identify them as members of the human race. 

Since Leo and Aquarius were both born under the Sun Signs of the 'Fixed Organiser.' They should have the organisational responsibilities of a business venture, a romantic relationship, a Mind Trip or a Time Trip.  They should each let up more than a little on his or her
personal Fixity, while retaining a Fixity of purpose.  However, although Leo is not a Cardinal Sign of Leadership (Leo is an Organiser), Leo must lead the organising - in some way that will appease the gigantic ego of the Big Cats.  Give Leo the title.  That's all.  Chief Rain Maker.  Chief Totem Pole Designer.  Chief Communicator with People from the Future.  Chief Hairdresser.  Chief Apostle.  Fire Chief.  Water Chief.  Air Chief.  Earth Chief.  Oberon, King of the Faeries.  Titania, Queen of the Faeries.  King of the Jungle.  Queen of Galactic Enterprises.  Ruler of the Harem.  Monarch of the Castle.  That's the general idea. 

Then the Water Bearer will discover that nowhere on this Earth, nor in any other galaxy of the Solar System in the Past, Present or Future, will he (or she) find a more brilliantly, creative, intelligent, brave and loyal 'buddy' than the Lion or Lioness.  It's really worth cultivating a little elasticity of the Aquarian Fixity to gain such a friend for all seasons - all Time Barriers and Astral Levels. 

Any Aquarians who don't believe me may just wait for Richard Ellsberry's Close Encounter on March ninth, A.D. 1982.  When the People from the Future arrive, right on schedule, the P>F>T>F> Phoenix-resurrected Atlantean Leader who greets Earthlings with a combination of the Hopi Sign language, Swahili and Sanskrit will be a proud, noble and majestic Leo.  (Yes,
she will!)  Never mind that the Time Machine itself will have been designed by a P.F.T.F. Water Bearer.  Aquarians don't give three quarks who takes credit - as long as they make the flight and arrive wherever it is they're going.  Leo can travel First Class all the way, but guess who will be sitting in the cockpit of the Laser Beam? 

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking.  I'd like to welcome you aboard the Leo-Osiris Phoenix XIV.  We'll be cruising at an altitude of three hundred trillion miles per Earth hour, give or take a million miles or so, depending on the falling dust of Maldek - and flying at a speed of a number of Light Years.  The stewardesses will pass among you to explain how to use your heads.  We'll arrive at our destination at exactly a quarter-past three on Saturday next of last year, in time to celebrate Amory Lovin's birthday.  On behalf of myself and my twin co-pilots, Howard and Robard, I wish you a pleasant journey.  Be sure to keep your Nader seat belts buckled and bolted as we pass through the Space Warps - and don't forget to enjoy the view from your portholes, because on a clear day, you can see Forever.  Cheerio!  Ciao!  Roger over-and-in!" 

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